How To Unlock A Cell Phone Android If You Forget The Password Or Pattern? -Very Easy

 Forgot password pattern

You can pass you forgot your employer or your Android password, first thing to do is stay calm and must try with potential employers or passwords that you think can work. Remember that each cell is different, as in the case of unlock a Motorola phone with pattern, PIN or password.

There are ways to unlock an Android phone after you’ve locked your own safety, yes for the next sure to write down your password or pattern or less a simpler place.

How Unlocking a Cell Phone Android if Forget Pattern or password? -Very Easy

Unlock Android 4.4 KitKat cell or earlier

The process to unlock devices if you have forgotten your pattern or password with this version of Android is much easier than with a current version.

Now, after you have entered five times incorrectly your unlock pattern or password, will appear immediately a message on your screen that says “ Pattern Forgotten ” or “Forgotten password”.

Click on this option and then you enter your email and password for Google, this is the mail which is linked to your phone. Now you just have to change your password or pattern and voila, you have access to your phone again.

If a Samsung phone accounts this is the solution for you

If your account case with a Samsung phone and have created an account and activated it in Find My Mobile while configurabas your phone. That is why, this is your best tool unlock a Samsung cell phone if you forgot your password or pattern .

 Use Find My Mobile

Enter through your computer to the website Find My Mobile and enter your email and password Samsung. For this you need to have your phone on and connected to the Internet. It is also another way to track and block a Samsung cell phone stolen or lost.

Once you enter your Samsung account you can see your phone number and device with current accounts. Then click “ Unlock Device ” This option can be found in the menu on the right side of the page.

On your phone will appear a window in which you have to place your password Samsung and voila, you will have new access to your phone.

Unlock Android 5.0 and higher

Now, if you count a cell phone with Android 5.0 or higher and have forgotten your password or security pattern, you should try at least five times with the pattern or password that you think can work.

After that you will receive a message on your screen that says you should wait a few seconds to try again and at the bottom of the vas page to have three options “Emergency call”, “ unlock with Google “ or” Pin recovery “.

Click on “ Unlock with Google ” or “Recovery Pin” and places the information you are asked below. Next, you’ll exit the menu so you can choose the new security you want putting on your phone and voila, you can enter freely.

 Android System 5.0

If none of the options works

You may not remember your Mail Gmail or password and now you have two problems, for these cases the solution is to make a phone formatting. The disadvantage of this option is that you will remove all your information from the phone.

Pair this, hold the low volume button and switch to the same time. Then on your screen you

will appear “factory reset” with the volume button down select this option and expects to be formatted.

But first, you must remember if your computer has factory reset protection. This option is activated automatically and is a security option in case your computer is stolen.

If so, when you start again your phone will request your data from Google with which it was registered your phone. Simply again put your account data and go.

Finally, our best advice to avoid this inconvenience is that when you decide to place protection to your cell write down your password or unlock pattern. In order to prevent forget and find no way to reenter your mobile phone.

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