What It Is The Best Free Antivirus For Pc -Legal Forever

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Since the invention of the computer, quickly managed to take great importance, coming to form an important part in the daily activities of humans. But there were people who tried to take advantage of this and until today still do.

One of the most used ways is through viruses These directly affect the functioning of our devices. This happens without that we realize because, disguise themselves to harm our information .

What is the Best Free Antivirus for PC -Legal Forever

Currently there are many types of viruses, some only produce unexpected hassles on our computers. But there are also some more malicious which are able to completely destroy the information we have.

For this reason it is extremely important to have installed in our the best antivirus for Android or PC , which help us fight this.

What is the best free antivirus for PC?

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The most commonly used tools currently available to combat this problem are antivirus. These are programs that can detect and remove computer viruses . Which help us significantly.

As operating systems have progressed so do the creators of the virus, designing much more malicious programs capable of seriously affecting our electronic equipment.

To our advantage antivirus programs are not far behind, are now much more powerful and able to eliminate virus. As well as to detect programs that carry before being executed.

Another of the most important functions of antivirus is the ability with to disinfect files . Now the most advanced antivirus are able to recognize all types of Malware such as Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware and many others.

Usually this type of virus are found in payment. But we in this article we will focus only on free antivirus and which can legally access forever.

Avast best free antivirus for PC

best antivirus available today to which we can access for free is Avast, this has a very good reputation in the market. Since it is able to fulfill its function in the best way.

We can have access Avast forever because downloading from the official website you have the free version installed on our computers. Then we’ll show you the steps to follow to download and install a free antivirus on your laptop or PC Windows or another operating system.

Steps to Avast download on your computer

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The first step we must do is open your browser trusted, then using the address bar headed to the Avast official website.

Now we click on the button DOWNLOAD FREE ANTIVIRUS , located in the center of the page. This action will automatically begin downloading the installer for Avast. It is important to be patient until it is completely discharged.

Upon completion headed to the Downloads folder and We just downloaded the file . Then we open it by double clicking on it. a window where you select the option Install , and wait until the installation process is complete will open.

When installation is complete we will get on your desktop icon Avast , now we will open this icon. We will open a window and we will click on the Continue option; then we notice which we recommend reading now click on the Continue will.

Then leave us the option to Activate Avast on your mobile device, we will choose which suits us and we click continue, and ready. It has done that process can enter the interface Avast there can see all the options offered.

If you do not have any antivirus installed before, it is recommended that a analysis fast as soon as possible to detect any imperfections. The last step we must do is to activate Avast.

To do this we headed to the menu located on the left side and select the last option Enable . Then we can see the main features of Avast and a comparison with the premium version.

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We will select activated by the free version, Avast offers a 20-day trial for the premium version. Then we must decide whether we want that test or prefer to stick with the free version. We hope you liked this article about one of the best free and paid antivirus for PC.

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