What Are Purposes And How I Can Defend Myself From Rootkit Attacks?

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Your computer started running slowly? Your RAM is always low or you get a blue screen often? Perhaps you are faced with a serious threat: a rootkit. But what they are, what their needs are and how can I defend myself against rootkit attacks? , read on to discover the answers.

What are rootkits and what their needs

A rootkit is software used by hackers to take control of your computer or network that aim. It is common that it is composed of special tools that allow remote hacker access and obtain administrator privileges on the target machine, making it easy to make changes to the system.

The purpose of the rootkit depend on the type it is. In this article we will discuss five types of rootkits and the effect they have on the most popular devices:

  • User Mode Rootkits. are easy to detect and remove . They are generally known as the rootkit application and these are responsible for replacing executable files of standard programs such as Word, Excel, Paint and Notepad. Hackers have access to the computer each time you activate a file with the .exe extension without knowing.

Rootkit attacks

  • in kernel mode rootkits. They are among the most serious because they attack the heart of the operating system, but are easy to detect and treat. A hacker can access files on your computer and change the operation of the operating system if they use a code itself with this type of rootkit.
  • rootkit boot loader . The Windows 7 32-bit computers or 64 bits are the most likely to be attacked by these rootkits. Assign the MBR, or master boot record, and VBR or log volume boot. In these joined cases are hard to detect and remove. Know that if one of these Rootkit injects its code into the MBR, your computer may be completely damaged,
  • rootkit memory . Rarely they considered a threat because they have a very short lifetime, in fact, disappear upon reboot. They hide in the RAM computer memory and execute their malignancies in the background, so that the RAM performance is affected.
  • Firmware rootkits. are a serious threat to your online security. They can infect your hard drive, your router or system BIOS. Hackers can not only control your online business, but also record the keystrokes you make on your keyboard.

Did you know that this type of attack on your computer and privacy was possible? But our intention is not only to inform you of the dangers, but also help you defend against rootkits and remove those who have installed.

How to defend myself against rootkits attacks and how to eliminate

Rootkits are often difficult to detect because they operate in the higher levels of privileges that most computer security programs. To scan your device, you need an advanced antimalware have add-ons for Rootkit, allowing you to delete the network. Typically, these tools are included in the best antivirus for payment of Windows.

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Since not all resources, the best you can do to “defend myself against rootkit attacks” prevents infection To defend your team, we invite you to apply the following suggestions.

  • Use security software on your computer.
  • Update your system regularly.
  • Create secure passwords and reliable.
  • Do not use the connection to the network administrator account. Instead, create a user account in Windows 10 and use it for your daily work. When you need to make big changes in your computer, enter the administrator account.
  • Develop your knowledge of the different types of Internet fraud.
  • Using write protection on your computer.
  • Do not open attachments to emails from unknown senders .
  • Choose your software directly from the manufacturer, if possible, and carefully read the terms of use.

Now repondimos the question how to defend myself against rootkit attacks? We hope we have been able to give all the necessary information for you to meet potential attacks as hackers try to run your equipment. We encourage you to continue learning about the computer vulnerabilities and what you can do to protect .

Remember that the best way to cope is to avoid installing with suggestions or preventive measures that we have given in this article.

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