How To Make Or Take A Screenshot On The Apple Watch -Very Easy

 Apple Watch buttons

Make screen capture on mobile devices is very easy, but if you want to use this method in your Apple Watch is possible and you will be surprised how quick and easy it is. In this post you will learn to How do or take a screenshot on the Apple Watch?

How to make or take a screenshot on the Apple Watch?

Unlike mobile devices, Apple Watch must activate the screenshots on your device settings iPhone ; If you do not activate this function’ll never get to make a screen capture.

  • Enable screenshot:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app .
  2. Click the «My watch ‘ and select » General «.
  3. Then activate the «It will allow screenshots» ; This makes moving the switch to the right, when it is active will be in green color.
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    If at any time want to disable screen shot of your clock should follow the above steps 1 and 2; in step 3 must drag the switch to the left and you will know it is idle because the switch will be greyed out.

    • Take screenshot:

    1. To make screen captures of you press the side button (button) digital crown and the same time for a few seconds . Although keep in mind that it is a matter of practice, perhaps in the first Logres not try to take the catch.
    2. The screen will go blank for a few seconds, this will indicate that the capture was successful. You can also hear the sound of a camera.
    3. Perform the first screen captures it may be difficult; but then it will be so simple that it can not fail to do so. Something to help you when taking a capture is firmly secure your watch , so that the power button and the digital crown from sliding while pressing.

       Apple Watch power button

      It is important to know that the screen captures your watch will go immediately to the photo album of your iPhone. But if you want these images available on your watch must make some adjustments.

      • Sync with Apple iPhone album Watch:

      Synchronize an album from your iPhone with clock display will serve to screen captures without any problems on your Apple Watch. We’ll show you the steps you must follow to accomplish this:

      1. Enter the app Watch from your mobile device.
      2. Go to the section «Photos» and then press «synchronized albums» .
      3. Now you must choose the album you want to sync, it will be easier if you create a single album to synchronize Captures you want to have available on your Apple Watch.
      4. Tips for using your watch Apple Watch to the maximum:

        • Activate the theater mode ; this feature will be useful for when you go to the cinema, theater or are in a dark room; since, in the light of the not bother clock.
        • When you active mode theater and want to see the time; you slowly turn the digital crown this will help the screen slowly turn .
        • If you swipe from right to left or from left to right from the edge of the screen, you will achieve change sphere.
        • You take your Apple Watch on any wrist , you just have to change the orientation from your iPhone device.
        • Your watch will receive notifications all apps you have installed on your Apple Watch ; but you can regulate this function to receive notifications only applications that interest you, perform this configuration from your iPhone.
        • If you do not know where you left your phone with your Apple Watch can find your lost or stolen iPhone ; (Your phone must be linked with your watch).
        • What you should do is this swipe up to show the control center; then you press the call icon to your phone starts ringing , though he sounded this in silence.
        • with your Apple Watch to hear all kinds of music and audio content comfortably.
        • Another option you have is take pictures with the camera on your Apple Watch.

         iPhone Apple Watch

        Now you are ready to start all kinds of screenshots with your Apple Watch.

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