How To Force Quit An Application On The Apple Watch Blocked?

 apple force close watch

Smart watches are gaining ground in today’s market, its main attraction is its small size. These small pieces of hardware we can take a device discreet and functional on our wrist, allowing you to read or reply messages WhatsApp making it an ally in any field.

However, they also serve as a add to our staff smartphone because, among other things, some models allow you to install applications. Apple has created its own version of this concept. So in this article we’ll show you how to force quit an application on the Apple Watch if you run hung.

How to force quit an application on the Apple Watch with watchos 5

Before you start, would leave us clear that close applications in the background on these devices increases the battery life .

This is because the way in which the own clock and executes the processes is different from the way in which mobiles do. Therefore, whether there are ten applications or one running in the background, energy expenditure will be the same. Now, let’s get down to business.

Typically, applications designed for Apple devices are well optimized. But sometimes, some of them can be hung, so it’s important to know that have installed applications , for when this happens. This can have several reasons.

 force apple close watch

The most common is a Load error cache files , which creates problems trying to open it. Therefore, in order to restart an application to be loaded well, follow these steps:

  1. Situate in the application that is causing the failure.
  2. Hold the Power button. This is the oval-shaped button located on the side of the housing of the clock. In doing so a menu with various options will open: turn off the device, consult your medical data and make an emergency call
  3. .

  4. Hold down the digital crown until you close the application.
  5. At the end of the process can start the application again. In most cases, the problem is solved with this method. However, if you still can use the application is likely to fail due to the same app and not the Apple Watch.

    Therefore, it is advisable that you check if a new version of the application, in which the developer has corrected flaws that users have reported available. If not available, the last option is to contact the author of the application and inform him of your situation. Surely you begin work on a Update to solve the problem. But you might also prove customize the fields of Apple Watch watch with your iPhone pear and correct the error.

    How to force quit an application on the Apple Watch in earlier versions of watchos

    It is always advisable to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system that the device manufacturer provides. These patches added security, improve the aesthetic appearance of the interface and new features or improve existing ones.

    In the case of the Apple Watch, each new generation of the operating system developers to add new features. In addition, solve some bugs, to do if the clock not turn or , or any other error that this interface is heated.

     Apple Watch various colors

    So, if you have not updated your device to the latest version, we recommend doing . Still, we’ll show you how to force quit an application on an earlier version of watchos . The process is very similar to that of the latest version, but with some variations. To perform this process, do the following:

    1. Hold the power button of the Apple Watch until the shutdown menu appears.
    2. Press again the power button until the application that is generating faults is closed. If you made the process correctly, you can start the application again.
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