How To Use And Easily Install Whatsapp On Apple Watch? -Step By Step

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We are in the era of new technologies, you had never imagined that this could advance to a point where reaching to install WhatsApp on your watch. I think this ingenious invention by Apple Watch which allows you to respond to messages and notifications without using your mobile device, you can also record voice notes, take pictures with the camera Apple Watch.

These smart watches are designed to link to your mobile device without the need to grab with your hands the phone. May allow users to experience new things.

Now, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications globally and one of those downloaded frequent way these r Smart elojes . You just have to understand how to do it correctly, because everyone does not have knowledge of these new technologies, and thus can then read and reply Whatsapp.

Discover step by step how to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch

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Here we explain how to install WhatsApp on your Apple Watch so that in this way you can receive your notifications and stay in touch all the time. This new technology promises to make life easier for users.

It should be understood that the clock works as a satellite device .

The first thing to do is enter Google Play and download the necessary applications which are the < strong> Manager Lightwave . Through this you can control the clock by phone and bluetooth Smartwatch that allows you to watch visible from the mobile device.

Using this application can configure the Apple Watch from your phone, these being connected equipment should automatically recognize.

Then, you turn the clock , enable recognition and then should look on the screen of the phone using a scanner, this in order that both computers are connected. You’ll be able to manage the clock on your phone so that in this way they can install and control applications.

Subsequently, it is necessary that sign in from your phone Watch user which is very simple. Must also customize the clock with everything you feel is necessary, try it and then executes each of the functions that have decided to install on your Apple Watch, you should familiarize yourself with it.

As the two devices must be synchronized install WhatsApp in the form of beta . This update recently came to the market thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who is the owner of WhatsApp recently.

Then and having WhatsApp installed on your device you do touch «Get» , so that in this way can add the application to the areas of the Apple Watch. This application is automatically installed Manea and give permission it can receive notifications on your smart watch.

How I can manipulate WhatsApp from Apple Watch?

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A receiving notifications on your watch smart must display an arrow down this way can read the messages and then reply to . This app will give Automatically «respond» . Should be aware that there are two ways to respond to messages through Apple Watch.

The first option have is through a memo and the second by a emoji . Since being a watch does not have a built to send messages written keyboard.

This application also features default message s like «? Hola¿cómo are» or similar texts, which are an additional option of Apple Watch. But if you want an original text you know you have to send via voice memo.

In addition, you can open Apple Watch from your device go to where it says «my watch» and then the «general» so you can turn on » automatic installations’ .

This option lets you each time an update of any application on your smart watch is available. These are performed automatically, as long as you find yourself connected an internet network.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. We would like to know your opinion able to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch correctly? Do you know another method to perform this procedure? Let us know, in the comments.

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