Adding And Center A Button With App Inventor? – Fast And Easy

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Learn to add and can locate better control the inside the screen. It is valid to note that the action automatically once it is activated. In addition to link or add a button App Inventor allows you to add an image button .

If you are looking for a free and open source media that allow you to create applications without knowledge of programming language. They are compatible with Android operating systems. is one of the most recommended media , because of the plurality of functions and other formats for building games, shops and platforms.

Another simple program to use for creating applications is studio Android has a lot of tools to create applications for the first time.

step by step guide to add a button and focus App Inventor

The controls are key elements in construction applications, particularly those that focus on permissions. Steps to add and place a button with App Inventor are:

Opening a new spreadsheet

To generate new orders, it is essential that the user decides to open a new worksheet where they will be used.   Then go on board the objectives acclimatize and brand structure.

The buttons are qualified in href = “”> as “ color “, those – may contain labels, names, images and other aspects to facilitate their interaction.

Generate button

In the Design panel there is an option that says “Create” are located in the lower right portion of the form . This question, a popup window where you can choose the type of item you want to add.

Sizing button

The last step to add a button and focus App Inventor is a taste size of the project. This is the size or the place you occupy on the screen is set.

dimension object

If you move, you’ll need to drag the cursor. Although if its proportions are defined, the toolbox will be used aside.

Add and focus on a button with App Inventor

For this action, we proceed to select the layer button, then press the “Properties.” is immediately a new box with a command called “Horizontal Agreement . &NBSP 5

In the section that says :. “Horizontal Line” Date press down and re-select ” center” Once completed the entire procedure, choose the “OK.”

Keep in mind about App Inventor

If there is something to keep in mind about App Inventor is that although it is an open source platform for some projects is not appropriate. Obviously, your support is very good but generic.

The structures and operational characteristics they are based on core activities , the most demanding projects to must choose advanced tools. Another factor that is taken into account is that the brand of App Inventor error for some options to be a risk. True, the defects were corrected, but still a bad memory for users.

App Inventor has many tools for editing or creating applications, the tools you have is the one that gives you the ability to change the icon of an application.

Invertor App Features

Developers who choose to work on App Inventor, you should know that the tool used for the following tasks, among them are:

Services Platforms

This is the main source of visits of the tool, as it has a model range or templates for creating service applications. These can be digital stores, catalogs or using a mark.

translate the language

This section focuses more on the sector, although some developers decide to make a Application that integrates various modalities in one.


This is another of the most popular areas, such as several dynamic models for the construction of simple video games. Importantly, these actions require more support and procedure. In addition, users should have a basic knowledge in understanding programming language .

Once your application is ready to create an account Google Play Console Ubir Language your application google Play Store.

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