How Easily Convert Applications From System To User Applications On Android

 Converting Applications User Applications system in Android

Smart phones have become a fundamental working tool for many people . Shortens time, increasingly facilitates communication and sharing of multimedia files.

This is the ally in maintaining contact with friends or family who are far away, but sometimes problems can occur on your device. Not all have sufficient internal storage . Why should free up storage space on your phone .

How to easily convert system applications to user applications on Android

You’ve probably reached the point that can not open applications or download , download images, videos. With the result that system device throws an error , close a certain application automatically or tell you that there is enough space, even if you have already erased all.

Applications System

Most of the time, system applications produce such uncomfortable situations . These programs are preinstalled on your mobile device, you can only dispose of more updates you can not uninstall the application, or thought.

These applications system usually are not essential and not given greater use.

 system Applications

Before you jump to this variant to try to optimize performance or memory of your mobile device, you must take into consideration that there are programs or applications that are there precisely because they are part of the system that it keeps alive the computer software.

So it is recommended to try know which applications are truly indispensable system .

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Uninstall system applications without root

This procedure for uninstall any application of the system is somewhat complex . In cases of failure to obtain permits super user or root on your mobile device, you should go to this alternative.

It is therefore important to count on a computer, the USB cable belonging to the mobile device and drivers stored on the same computer.

  • The first thing you should do is connect your mobile device to your computer via USB cable . Active recovery mode on your computer.
  • Open command window on your computer (for Windows systems: Windows key + R).
  • Sign in the window adb devices command and press enter. If your device drivers are properly installed, a number that identifies your Android device
  • should appear.

  • Return to the command window and execute the command adb shell .
  • Once the window, enter commands to uninstall system applications. Open
  • To uninstall applications specific system, enter the following command: -k uninstall pm –user 0 packagename . This “packagename” can be: calculator, weather, wallpaper, photos , among others
  • .

Uninstall system applications with root

Another simpler way is uninstall system applications with root , using the best applications to protect your phone with root . once obtained permission super user or root, is a matter of finding applications that allow you to achieve this goal


This permit can be obtained when install a root application. At the opening, a window should appear on your device requiring such permission.

 Uninstalling applications with root system

If that does not get the super permit user or root appears, then you should attend one of the many programs available on the web to gain this permission and proceed with the application installation will help you eliminate system applications.

The ideal application

Titanium Backup is best known applications for these types of jobs. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can get rid of system applications.

  • At the moment you open the application, it will search for system applications.
  • Go to the Backup/Restore in which a list will be displayed with the name of the application.
  • If you leave applications with the name blank, it is because they are user if there are applications whose name is red or green, are system applications.
  • Select the application system you want to convert a user application, slide to the left.
  • When you slipped, you will get a list of options, including really. Convert to user application
  • The application that has become a user will appear in the list with the name blank, which means that the process has been carried out successfully.
  • You can uninstall it from your mobile device.

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