Creating Interactive Educational Videos With Playfilm – Easy And Fast

 create interactive educational videos with Playfilm

Today, you can improve the way classes are conducted for students . One is the inclusion of interactive educational videos. A new method implementation to maintain interest in the content.

In addition, this diversity is that classes are captured by the way, if increases the rate educational content captured by the student , ensure that your attention is not diverted.

How to create interactive educational videos with Playfilm – Easy and rapid

However, the project to build interactive video requires a very large working period because of the complexity they acquire.

Fortunately, Playfilm is a tool capable of producing this type of content in an amount less and can be used by those who are not aware create and edit videos interactive.

interactive educational videos, the new method of learning

The idea of ​​an interactive video is an audiovisual content ensures that the viewer is part of the media file from the time when it starts to play.

All this is possible thanks to interactions that are added during editing of the video itself. For the user to choose how and take the same actions.

 methodology of learning-teaching interactive video

manages to implement from the institutional point of view. For teachers who use interactive educational videos create a new methodology for student learning.

Therefore, through the transparent layers, the teacher can take care of inserting Media buttons interaction, quizzes and even animated videos whiteboard. Thus forming the class file show.

How interactive educational videos on Playfilm created?

Playfilm is established as a professional software platform for editing common video without the need for programming involved.

Enjoy your services requires a free registration generated by the website page. And then decide to work through the test plan or a payment service.

The aim of this program is to allow people who know the subject are able to create this kind of content. Registration turn a lot of money and time.

Each of the functional aspects of the software are connected by a storage in the cloud . It is therefore essential to register in the system.

To start creating content you must import the video into the platform . This automatically opens an edit screen.

Its ease of use is quite simple. Simply drag the desired interaction in the media file, the time appears. In position, you must define the number of parameters and after you perform actions based on the interaction you implement. So you can create the desired effect during playback.

not currently have a wide range of interactions, but the combination of which there are significantly enhances the dynamism of a video.

However, the company in charge of the program sought enhance and strengthen these creative educational options , the priority of experience and user results.

Types of interactive educational videos that you can create with Playfilm

 kind-video-interactive educational-create-Playfilm

  • The main option is “ choice Video “. The content is to break the story line to offer a series of decisions that will change the course and the end of it.
  • Another type is the “ Learning Video “. It is used for tutorials and interactive educational videos, and aimed to learn a specific subject.
  • Video Quiz ” was collecting survey data type or perform an evaluation questionnaire style. The interaction is that questions vary depending on the choice made by each user.

Although these are not the only existing type in Playfilm, are the most useful and recommended to extend the boundaries of education and the ability to maintain the educational content taught.

In short, to implement in the classroom helps teachers improve the retention capacity of their students and create in turn increased interest in the study.

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