How To Import Or Spend App Inventor Project To Thunkable?

It is useful to know that the publishing platform can be adapted to different tools of its kind. Therefore, it is important to learn how to import or move a project App Inventor Thunkable

App Inventor is an awesome program that allows you to create and design applications quickly and easily, this program can do amazing things like change the icon of an application.

Users should be aware that the two platforms online focus on creating applications or games online. Obviously, their differences in models and designs in terms of interface. However, the handling is so simple that developers do not require prior knowledge of programming language.

If instead of Android Studio program to create applications also have the shape of export your working in a .zip file.

What is import an application?

For the less experienced, importing a program means Transfer of all jobs from one tool to another. All information will be forwarded if you suffer loss or modification done.

A fundamental observation point is that the import or spend App Inventor project Thunkable should be stored in a compatible format. In this case, the document will .aia.

Step by Step Guide to import or spend App Inventor project Thunkable

The import process is really simple, just point out a series of steps in both platforms. Not to suffer Changes Users should follow the following tutorial:

Load the document

It is assumed that the import or move a project Thunkable App Inventor as a project should be completed in advance or otherwise. For this reason, the developer must download the document to Migrate . To facilitate the process, a recommendation is .aia backup format but is a value that can be done about the transfer.

Document load

Connection Thunkable

The next session will open on the tool, should not have an account, you can open a few minutes. This offers a free version can be useful in these cases.

Once inside the single user profile, proceed with the search tab with the name. ” applications” option at the top left of the screen, if it is not part of the main panels of the interface .

Load project

Finally, proceed to press the “ Load legacy application project (.aia) my computer “, wait peak loading and select “OK.” immediately the profile name project.

If you have problems, seek specialized technical assistance perfect because of the risk of data loss or delete the attachment. In all cases, the same support section provides support for the handling of the operational interface.

Can I import the key file to Thunkable?

Yes , users have the ability to store important key to Thunkable. It is made by the next step:

  • Once logged in to the application, you must locate the ” applications” tab at the top left of the screen.
  • Then select the option that says “ Import key store “. Immediately a window in which the file is selected with the keys appear.
  • Wait for loading and then the document is published on the platform to use. It is very important that the file is compatible with the application.

Document import

What are the visual blocks?

Visual blocks are terms that host platforms to identify elements such as text, buttons or commands that appear on the screen. The vast majority are used to access, enter or activate a procedure .

To generate them, it is important to choose one of the options in the Tools panel. Users can size at will, ie adapt to the needs of development Project . It is very important to know that if the document has more than 50 of them, you may lose part or change its location in the test application.

A’ve completed the configuration and testing required for your application, we recommend using Google Play Console to download is the Google Play Store. But before doing so, it is recommended that you make – that your application a privacy policy.

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