How To Troubleshoot The Black Screen To Make The Capture Screen Using Obs

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Open Broadcaster Software is a program designed for live broadcast, program took such great popularity among the community of “Streamers” when it was released to the market. Especially for direct to YouTube and Twitch , is it was a free and easy to use program that could make changes to what was broadcasting live like put background music in a direct YouTube with OBS . It is the best that can easily download and install it.

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How to solve the problem of black screen to capture Making screen using OBS

Currently the industry has developed a prototype called as further updated OBS Studio, which it has many improvements compared to the classical version.

Some of which stand out is the ability to change the things that were on display before viewers to see. So if you wanted to move a thing from one place to other viewers they did not see what happened and only noticed the transition from the object. OBS Studio is a complete program that allows editing of thousands of programs either live or not.

How to solve the problem of black screen to make the capture screen using OBS

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While it is true that OBS is a editing program fairly complete and with many benefits such as record the screen of my PC with OBS Studio , there are some difficulties that may arise on the issue by not taking into account the necessary aspects for OBS works perfectly. If you get the classic black screen to the screen capture can follow these tips.

Make sure you have drivers for your graphics card updated

 administrator computer devices

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card on the bottom left of the screen you will find an application called NVIDIA in which you must enter and find the top right of the ‘Drivers’ option must click there and see that updates are available to download owe. Once the download must restart your computer and re-enter.

If the application you’re working with NVIDIA not have a similar application to update your drivers. Or enter “Device Manager” & gt; “Display Adapters” & gt; Right-click the driver for your graphics card & gt; ‘Driver Update’


If you are using Windows 10 there are times when there are compatibility issues with some applications, open the location where OBS is on your computer, go to the directory BIM and you can find the version of 32 bits or 64 bits , opens the directory 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your case.

There OBS find the executable that will be called OBS 64.exe or OBS 32.exe . Right click on it and select Properties Compatibility tab and select the option “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7”. Click to apply, restart your computer and enter again in OBS.

If you still run OBS test run in administrator mode to access the directory where you have OBS right click on the options bar or executable and select Run as administrator .


Another way to try to fix it if you graphics card NVIDEA: Click right on the desktop, choose the “Control Panel NVIDIA ‘& gt; select ” Check configuration 3D ‘& gt; program Settings & gt; select OBS Studio (if you do not appear able to add manually)


If you have an integrated graphics card should appear “Using integrated graphics.” Click Apply and OK. Restart your computer and re-enter at OBS.

Another solution to the black screen to capture the screen in OBS

Check if you’re trying to capture a window and if the right window, if so. Try the “Screenshot” option. If performing this option manage the capture means that OBS is working properly and error is the time to capture mode application window. Re-enter windowed mode and verify you have selected the right option.

You should be aware that there are some applications that are not possible to capture in windowed mode so you’ll have to do it in full screen mode. But do not worry. Enter the options of OBS & gt; Transform & gt; Edit processing and crop the image, then select ‘Change’ and “Fit to Screen ‘.

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