How To Sync My Mega Account With A Local Folder From Windows Pc?

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Learn to synchronize my account MEGA with a local folder from a Windows PC is necessary when this service is regularly used on the web. Even if only files hosted on MEGA downloads from Android , this tool is also useful.

A being this a tool for cloud storage for those who use it is often more practical to achieve link a particular folder of your computer with it.

Synchronizing Mega Account with a local folder from Windows PC

And although many users have heard that this is possible, some many do not yet know how to achieve it. But this should never be an impediment.

Since the same server, has a program called MEGASync , which greatly facilitates the task of synchronizing the above items.

How do I get the Mega Sync?

To download this tool, which also is presented free of charge, will only have to go to the official website of MEGA and locate the appropriate section.

or can be accessed directly by pressing href=”” here to go immediately to the acquisition window of the program.

Here are three possibilities will be positioned to choose the proper application of MEGASync according to the platform of the computer.

Consequently, it will be pressed on the middle button, which indicates that go down to “ Windows “, which is the system in which we are working.

immediately begin the appropriate download. And then to have the installer or file “ .exe ” we proceed to install it as directed by the system.

Set up Sync to synchronize MEGA MEGA with a local folder

After starting the process of the program installed, and before this expires, ask log on to the official website of Mega.

mega downloads window

This should be done with mail and regular account password because through this process will be achieved synchronize data and files that already exist in the cloud. If you do not have, you register or create a free account Mega.

So, give “ Next ” It will be necessary then to move on to choose the type of installation you want, the first is a “Synchronizing full account” .

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While the second is a “ Selective Sync ” file. Thus, the option is checked to use and the “ Next ” button is pressed.

Finally, to complete the setting, simply click on “ End “, so that it begins to synchronize MEGA with a local folder you choose.

From now on, as long as the MEGASync is active, is positioned in the notification bar of Windows, ie, below and to the left.

And likewise, made synchronization between the local folder automatically assigned to MEGA MEGA and cloud drive.


Now after making the first installation and file synchronization between cloud and the local directory if you want to make any changes or administration, will be quite simple.

Just have to open the folder designed for bonding, and add the files you want to back up, store and sync.

However, there is no exact methodology or proper procedure to do this, since it may be made through the regular operations of Windows .

 save cloud

These well could be added by dragging items from the folder or path of origin to the destination location, in this case the local MEGASync.

On the other hand, also can use the commands, for example, to file copy you click on it and then “ Ctrl + C ” and then “ Ctrl pressed + V “to paste.

However, if you want to move, combinations to be applied would be “ Ctrl + X “, followed by “ Ctrl + V ” to paste.

As for how to remove records can be deleted normally. Either using the right mouse button and “ Delete “.

O, also via keyboard shortcuts, in which case correspond clicking on the “ Delete ” button the same.

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What you should note is that after making any changes, and if the MEGASync is activated, will immediately synchronize MEGA with a local folder selected, so that changes can not be reversed (if, for example, has deleted something).

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