How To Log On To The Official Website Of Mega/Mega.Nz In Spanish? -Step By Step

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Mega it is one of the platforms that gives you greater security and better services to store your data in cloud. This platform was created by Kim Dotcom in order to ensure the privacy of your data , work or personal information; as it exists today a large number of people who are constantly on networks.

This platform supports user files because it has a large storage service in the cloud. These files can be transferred without any inconvenience to other equipment provided is you who want to transfer data from your account.

Mega it is better than Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, thanks to all the safety features that surround it. It is one of the tools most downloaded by users, therefore you just have to know what are the steps for you to register and start enjoying it.

Steps to log on to the official website of Mega in Spanish

If you want to access mega you must follow a series of steps so you can register. Given that this tool can be downloaded for Windows from your PC or from iOS or Android. The procedure for downloading are:

The first thing to do is enter your browser and look for the official website Mega on Google. Href=””> begin later . In turn, for iOS must enter the iTunes App Store Android must enter Google Play Store and select the first option that appears.

As enter the page has to click ” create account” This option will take you to another window where a data form which must be filled with personal data appears. It is important to respond with true information each of the items requested on the form.

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In this space are prompted to enter your full name, email address; you must also create a password. The following is accept the terms and privacy policy. Remember that this information is private, do not give your password to third parties.

Then you have to confirm the message Mega sent to the email provided above in the form data to verify the veracity of the same. After this, check the ” check my email” .

At the meeting the steps above and click on the check mail automatically appears again the official website of Mega. There have to write the email and password, specifically in the “verify your account” .

Next, you must select the account type you prefer. And you’re ready to have the application that gives you greater security and storage of information.

Account Types available in Mega

Having completed all the steps above and in order to complete the account creation is important to highlight and select the type of account you want, (this step is optional, remember that this option is pay), which you listed below:

Pro Premium Mega , this bill seeks to improve the performance of users, it is subdivided into several types of accounts: Account Mega Lite Account Mega Pro I Account Mega Pro II Account Mega Pro III .

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Each has a number of different features and you who will choose the one that suits you best. In turn, each depending on the cost you offers more storage GB and transfer space. Then you choose the time you want to use it and eventually will verify the purchase.

Users who have registered on this platform so free should know that they have 50GB storage available.

At the same time, Mega has an interface that is manageable for the user because it may have people with or without experience in the network. And most important is that the information that you store there will be fully protected.

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