How To Use And Send Heavy Files By Way Wetransfer Online Free

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Thanks to the use of the Internet has significantly advanced our world has enabled us to open ourselves to the knowledge, educate ourselves in a way that years ago would be unthinkable. IM was something that revolutionized the way we see things, to communicate with each other and share information is increasingly necessary.

How to Use Heavy and send files by WeTransfer online Free Way

The way we communicate is he making great strides, which is why we need tools that meet our needs. For sending files we have encountered the problem that most sites messaging have a maximum limit of the size of the file that can be sent.

This has been a major drawback for us, and that we make very complicated to work with files past. Thanks to WeTransfer this problem disappears completely, it is great tool allows you to send files up to 2000MB of free which is very surprising.

How to use and send large files by way WeTransfer Online Free

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Common ways to send files require prior registration, as in the case of Gmail emails as by which can send files and Outlook heavy to very heavy files using OneDrive .

With WeTransfer we save all these steps for some of us tend to be very tedious. Being a website that no need to register before . It also has a very simple and easy to use interface but not leaving it useful and innovative it is.

Using this platform is free . As long as the files do not exceed 2 GB.

It is very important to note that u nce sent the file , the will available for one week . This means that the person who will send it to you within a week to download this as a way to protect information security.

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Steps to use and send large files by WeTransfer Online

  • As mentioned above WeTransfer is a website for which the first step is open the browser of our choice.
  • In the search must place the following here we enter the home page of the site.
  • He then we will see a box with the terms and conditions , where we click OK.

Since the above steps will observe a very simple and easy to understand instructions. Significantly limit file size allowed is 2 GB , since .’Re using the free version

How to send large files by way WeTransfer Online Free

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In the box we have on the left side of the screen choose add file . Here we select the file or document you want to send, we can also select multiple files to send at a time. As long as the total weight of these does not exceed a 2000 Mb.

In the next section we enter the address of the mail where we want to send the information. It also gives the option to send it to several people at once, since we can place multiple emails. This if we are in a group or several people need to have this information.

Once done as soon as I said we have to do is place our email address in the box below. This is so that our recipient know who is sending the information . Then we featured a space for a message either the title or whatever you want to report this message came along with the files sent.

Finally, we click transfer . begin to load the file and we will an indicator that tells us the percentage of the load. We must be very careful not to close the page until it is 100%. A loaded once, the file will be successfully envidado.

The person or persons to whom we send the file to reach your mail message. WeTransfer where you’ll get a link to download the archivo.Todo this using the free version

But we WeTransfer also offers a paid version. Premium, with enhanced features among which we can send files up to 20 Gb

Remember that there are some alternatives to WeTransfer to send large files or heavy mail , which you too can be very useful.

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