20 Places To Waste Time On The Internet And Lower Stress

On the Internet you can find absolutely anything, many people use it as a study tool and or to create business accounts, while others like a source of entertainment like for example to stream my Android games live with YouTube Gaming.

And the fact is that on the web there is room for everything, from the most professional sites, to the most absurd and illogical. However, many people have no idea of ​​the existence of these such weird webs.

Are you bored and you no longer know what to do on the internet? If the answer is yes, we have the solution for you. In the next article we will mention the best places to waste time and reduce stress, so you can laugh and have a good time in your free time.


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The first absurd place on our list can not be dedicated to other things than cats, and it is that apparently, the Internet community adores the cats doing any kind of pointless nonsense.

Procatinator is a website where you can see a GIF of a cat doing anything random. These will change randomly, showing GIFs that can be very funny.

Orange cat observing a laptop on a bed

Basically that’s what the page is about, it has no other use, see GIFs of funny cats to reduce stress and laugh a little in your free time.

Do nothing for 2 minutes

This page can be really useful to empty your mind of all the tensions and stress that surrounds you, the page is quite simple but it can be quite relaxing.

On the web only you will see a timer with a two minute countdown. The idea is to do nothing in that course of time, in case you touch any key on the keyboard or the mouse, the timer will restart.

WebGL Fluid Simulation

This page is a fluid simulator and it is a great idea to access it in moments of tension or anxiety, the web will show a black screen, however, when you move the mouse you will begin to see a virtual fluid spill.

You can adjust fluid parameters such as the speed at which it travels and the viscosity of the fluid. This can be very relaxing and entertaining.


This can become the perfect page for those with dreams of a singer. On this website you can really see how bad you sing by being able to select several Freddie Mercury songs, After recording your performance, the answers that the web will give you can be quite strange.

Youtube Decade

A page that shows the most popular and viewed videos on YouTube 10 years ago. This page is very entertaining, because you can find videos that you remember as if they were yesterday, but they really happened a decade ago, showing you that you are already a little older.


This page can become very appreciated by lovers of history and geography. The web shows you an interactive map where you can see how the countries were constituted a few years ago.

You can go forward or backward in the timeline to see the evolution that each country has had and the truth is that it can be quite entertaining and informative.


Now, if you want to see how the earth was constituted millions of years ago, this is the ideal page for you. In it you can visualize the planet earth in 3D and what it looked like more than 20 million years ago. You can go as far back as you want and see the great changes that the planet has had.

Planet Earth


In this site you can test how agile your brain can be and the retentive capacity that it has. The web consists of presenting you words or numbers that you must memorize.

You can determine how many numbers you can memorize or see a series of words and determine if they are new or repeated, there are also visual memory exercises. The point is, it can be quite fun to put your brain to the test.

Other pages pages to waste time

  • Your Word in Candy
  • Random Street View
  • LangoRhythm
  • ASCII Art Converter
  • Retro tv
  • Soundscape
  • Draw on this website
  • The Deep Sea
  • User Inyerface
  • Lightningmaps.org
  • Vectopark

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