5 reasons to use a free online PDF converter

In 2016 it seems to us that the future was never so close. This is because our relationship with technology has become so pervasive that we now depend on it for so many things on a daily basis, much more so than a decade ago. For the most part, this is a favorable thing. It makes our lives easier and allows us to make more of our limited time, especially when it comes to communication and learning.

What’s not so good about this much saturation of technology is that today we have so many different applications, tools and programs, that it is very easy to be suspicious of new things. This can make us lose the opportunity to find some tools that can be very useful and save our time.

Free online PDF converter

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One of the technological things that many business professionals have trouble with is the PDF. The Portable Document Format is the most popular electronic format for document sharing with other people, because it can be seen the same on all operating systems (Macintosh, Linux, Windows). Almost all electronic documents, whatever their original extension (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, etc.), have the option of being saved in PDF; then it is easier to send and share these files.

The biggest disadvantage of PDF is that it is a read only format, which makes it impossible to edit it without specialized programs specifically for that purpose. Many of these programs are expensive, but there is one that is free and is very useful for people who do not have to convert and edit PDF files frequently.

Free PDF Conversion

Why use a free online PDF converter?

Free Online PDF Conversion is a wonderful tool that will fulfill all your basic needs for PDF conversion. It can convert PDF files to Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), PowerPoint (PPT), and can also create a PDF from different files. In case this program is something you need, read these five reasons to use this PDF converter precisely.

  1. No need to install anything – You don’t have to install anything. Any user can use it with all its options without having to register. You only need to enter your email address, because this is where you will receive the download link for the converted file.
  2. Your privacy is guaranteed – All user information is kept on the servers for only 24 hours; after this time they are deleted forever.
  3. no size limit – There are no limits on the size of the file to be converted. You can convert any long document – ​​a textbook, a novel or an Excel with many spreadsheets.
  4. Can convert scanned PDF too – The tool can convert the scanned PDF files using advanced OCR technology, which is very rare with free tools.
  5. Very easy to use – Everything is done in three very simple steps. First you have to choose the file you want to convert, then select the format you want to convert your PDF to and finally enter your email address.

And ready! So if ever you find yourself in the situation when you need to convert some PDF quickly, try this handy program, you won’t be disappointed.


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