5 reasons why PS4 is better than Xbox One

The presentation of the next-gen consoles at E3 2013 (which is still going on) it has a lot of opinions and both Xbox One and Playstation 4 are good machines but opinions on which to buy differ between gamers.

Next I am going to make a small summary of why PS4 is better than Xbox One or perhaps the reasons why I think it will succeed:

  • PS4 will cost 100 euros less than Xbox One | Taking into account that the hardware is very similar (although Xbox One incorporates Kinect and PS Eye costs 50 euros more) a lower starting price is the right bet.
  • You do not need to connect to the Internet to play | Xbox One needs to be connected to the Internet every 24 hours to play. Something very limiting for people who still do not have an Internet connection but do play the console. That restriction is absurd.
  • PS4 will not have region blocking | Many games can be purchased cheaper online even if they come from other regions and Xbox does impose this limit, in addition there are games that even only come out in some regions and the most collectors will want those editions and not have a console bought in Japan.
  • PS4 does not block second-hand sales | Sony titles can be redistributed second-hand and, although third parties may establish a block, this could only be applicable to online play (as EA has done so far) and never related to an Internet connection or something similar.
  • And finally, something only ps4 has and not the Microsoft platform | PS Eye does not have to be connected, you can play your games on Playstation Vita and will offer backward compatibility (even if it’s streaming).

sony has fixed many of the bugs that PS3 had and moving to x86 (32-bit) will make things a lot easier when developing. In addition, Sony is open to new ideas and not to impose unjustified limits as Microsoft is doing to try to have the most «safe» console, although all these barriers will sooner or later fall.

At the moment he wins by a landslide although it must also be taken into account that exclusive like the one from BF3 and COD gain followers very easily and we are talking about a lot of people who will buy it just for that.

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