5 ways to access blocked web pages

In many places of work, university, etc. when we want access a web page (with downloads, social network) we realize that it is blocked up.

To be productive and with the mentality that many have, this method is necessary.

Censura WEB

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But … what if we need to enter a website and it is for us blocking this filter? These filters are usually installed by network administrators and they are not going to remove them for good in most cases.

one. To be able to access blocked pages there is a very simple and quite comfortable method. Enter through a Proxy anonymizer is in most cases the best solution. I will recommend a very good one:

  • Hide My Ass (literally translated, hide my butt), through this website you will only have to enter the URL you want to access and enter it. It works on most websites but many can be paid, even this one has payment options. It can also serve you: Proxify, Block Stop or Anonymouse.

two. Use IP address It is also an easy way to bypass the restriction. For example: Instead of putting Facebook put: To find the IP of a page you can use this page.

3. If it is a page that you do not need to refresh you can use the google cache or the Google translator What Proxy.

4. Use a public proxy, but be careful, some might gossip a lot about what you do. You have a great list here: Public proxies. To use them you have to change your browser settings.

5. If you have access to any remote control programAs TeamViewer, you can access your own PC at home and connect to all kinds of websites without any major problem.

And the advanced method, more effective in most cases is to create our own proxy server. In our hosting we could install Apache Web Server as Proxy, Privoxy, PHPProxy …

With these 5 tips, surely more than one of you are already using them to «good ends»And more productive.


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