6 Free Alternatives to Spotify Limit

Some time ago Spotify stopped giving away Free accounts, later (about a year ago) Spotify announced two new plans, the Unlimited (paid for about 4.99 Euros per month) and the Open plan with which anyone could create an account. and listen to 20 hours of music per month.

the immense free unlimited use music catalog through advertising in Free accounts it will be history. Spotify has decided to limit Free and Open accounts. The limitation consists of the following:

  • Every song can be heard 5 times.
  • In any of its Free or Open modes, you can only listen to 10 hours of music per month.
  • The changes will be effective from May 1 to all those who have registered before November 2, 2010 (in the event that your account has been created after this date you will have about 6 more months of margin).

Why the change?

The creators of this musical phenomenon have decided to change their business model to continue advancing and those regular users of the service who don’t dare to pay decide to pay (or change service). I must say that if you need Spotify, it is not an expensive service for what it offers you, but for all those regular users, it will surely be better to look for one alternative.


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To continue listening to music without limits you will have to pay or use one of the alternatives. What are these free alternatives?

There are many but I will list some of the best known and most common:

  • Grooveshark, you will be able to enter the web (or install an application) and enjoy its entire catalog totally free and without registration. The only problem is that it is a bit disorganized.
  • Musicuo, also online, without registration and quite usual.
  • YesFM offers a plan similar to Spotify Free.
  • AudioGalaxy, in it you will find many songs and you can listen to them by registering previously.
  • Gatuns, one of the most original but basing his musical catalog on the videos that we can find on YouTube.
  • mFlow, a quality service but which is missing some important groups for many.


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