7 advantages of buying an LED monitor

LED, what do these acronyms tell you? The acronym LED stands for Light Emitting Diode in English and the only difference with respect to LCD screens is that these, instead of being backlit with fluorescent tubes, they are changed for screens that work with different white light diodes.

The energy consumption of LED screens compared to LCDs is lower and, in fact, LCD screens are seen less and less in the market and those that are still have had to lower their price too much because the former are already sold at a lower price. very economical price. There is a lot of reasons to use LED screens before LCD and that is why we have put them together so that you have no doubts as to why they are better.

LED monitor advantages

The advantages of LED displays

  • Energy consumption – LEDs work with low voltage (unlike fluorescent tubes that LCD screens have) so consumption is reduced. Although at first the LED monitor may seem more expensive this will be reversed in the long run where the bills will be lower and we will save much more money, not to mention with respect to a CRT (they spend 60% less than the old CRTs) .
  • Better contrast between lighting and colors – LED screens achieve greater chrominance thanks to the amount of light emitted by the LED diodes. Each diode can be turned off individually and a higher contrast is achieved in the image. The shades of black, despite not being as black as they should be on many screens, are more intense. In addition, it is also possible to adapt the color and contrast settings according to needs, useful for video editing and games.
  • More image quality – Thanks to a back lighting system, you get more clarity, better colors and a more realistic experience, as well as more definition in the image, although the latter also depends on the number of pixels on the screen.
  • Smaller size – As it is not necessary to have fluorescent tubes on the screen, these are manufactured in a much smaller space with the consequent improvement in aesthetics and a clear saving of space compared to the old LCDs.
  • Health for your eyes – Thanks to the illumination of LED screens, the human eye does not have to work more than necessary to use and see them correctly, if you use a screen every day you will quickly realize the difference between this and old technologies.
  • More ecological – LED technology uses less energy (less damage to the environment) but mercury is not used in its manufacture, a material that is very harmful to the environment than if other technologies are used.
  • Useful life – An LED monitor can last many more years than any LCD or Plasma thanks to the low consumption of LEDs, this prevents the screen from overheating and wear on the components is very low.

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However, speaking of disadvantages or cons we hardly find. Because we are detailed, we find that the intensity of LEDs depends on temperature and this can slightly affect the intensity of the light but it is not very common. Have you already had doubts about why you should opt for a monitor? Among the brands there are many in the arena but the acer monitors are really good and have a very contained price.


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