8 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp

A few days ago I was analyzing Telegram and I am more and more convinced that this is the true alternative to WhatsApp. At the time, I spoke favorably about Line, but today it is no longer in my life because it is such a heavy application (both in terms of content and resource consumption).

Telegram has been in my life for a few days and, if he can keep his philosophy, it probably won’t disappear from my phone at any point. If you are fed up with WhatsApp and want to delete your account, this is the perfect time. I personally will not delete WhatsApp because many of the contacts I have not changed platforms yet and I consider this very important.

As I have always said, the most important thing about a messaging application are the contacts and if they do not decide to change and are our friends we will stay or force them to move to a new App. I am not saying that WhatsApp is bad, in fact, I have always praised him despite his security problems but I think that Telegram has things clear and there is 8 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

  1. It’s free and free – While WhatsApp is still closed source and paid. It is not that much is paid but if you can avoid paying, Why do it?
  2. Offers secure and encrypted conversations – WhatsApp has been criticized a lot in this regard when, at first, it did not even offer encryption in its conversations. These Russians have taken the issue very seriously almost to the point of taking unhealthy measures.
  3. Supports groups of up to 200 people – We needed a chat for our organization of more than 90 people, the WhatsApp limit is 50 and in this way we can fit everyone and everyone can talk from wherever they want.
  4. You can share files up to 1GB – WhatsApp only allows to share certain multimedia content and of little space although this is not a disadvantage. Telegram allows you to send 1GB files but you must incorporate an editor so that the shipments are of less capacity because it could reduce a rate from 100 to 0 in a few minutes.
  5. Has applications for all platforms – It is the most important thing and the one that has captivated me the most, it does not matter if you are in the browser, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, etc. On all sides you can enjoy it and not have to pick up your mobile every time they talk to you, your client is very attractive. I hope WhatsApp takes it seriously and allows us to speak, at least, from a web client, why if not it is clear.
  6. Respect privacy – Much has been said about it, WhatsApp has also faltered a lot in this regard.
  7. It has support in Spanish – Although it is only in Spanish for Android, we have support in Spanish, something that WhatsApp does not do, it gives us support in pure English.
  8. You can create temporary and secret chats – It is a novelty that I have not tried much yet but it allows us to establish secret chats encrypted with messages that could self-destruct.

These are the 8 advantages of Telegram. Comforting enough to at least try the service for a few days and see if it really convinces you. In my view, it is fast (a WhatsApp clone, everything must be recognized) but totally free and multiplatform, something that I have wanted to enjoy for a long time.

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