Adblock, one of the great problems of the web

ad-block It is a great tool, it allows you to eliminate most of the advertising that you can see on the web and, above all, all those annoying websites that abuse advertising and are practically impossible to use. However, What would you think if I told you that if you use Adblock, the web will be a worse place?

Starting a project on the Internet is somewhat messy and a lot of work, look for forms of financing that they go far beyond advertising from the first moment is not easy and even more so if our project does not lend itself to it. If you use Adblock it is almost impossible for millions of websites, with a lot of quality, to gather enough strength to continue fighting for a better place on the net. It is true that many people dedicate their day to day to make the world a better place but those who put emphasis on creating a large and quality project expect some benefits that disappear if you use Adblock.

Adblock and performance issues

Many people use Adblock to eliminate advertising, since many websites abuse it and for that reason they have paid just for sinners. I would personally recommend not using it and, in case it is used, block only those websites that are almost unnavigable. Of course, if you use Adblock because you want to save resources, you may be doing the opposite because of the iframe.

Before the website was just code, now it usually has a bunch of iframes that load websites inside of them so there is a new front for Adblock. Each open process for this plugin adds at least 4MB so 20 iframes would go to consume a significant amount of memory on your computer. If we think of a website, this load memory may increase by 80 MB, 100 MB or even more, but… what happens when you open 40 or 50 tabs?

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This problem happens in Firefox and in Chrome. When these browsers start consuming more than 1500 MB of RAM they become excessively slow and I bring you a very simple solution.

To increase performance we can kill Adobe’s Flash Player, something that slows down our computer, do not use Adblock and avoid browsing websites saturated with advertising, we can send them to a blacklist so that they consider a different strategy.

There are millions of totally free websites, without any type of subscription, that cannot finance their existence in this way. It is true that advertising is not the only means of monetization on the web, but it is very important and the use of Adblock Plus, which is so high today, is reducing the desire of webmasters who had a project that, at least, supported itself and now not even that.

It is also true that, if it is so good, it should not accept that certain companies pay for not blocking their ads and that is not what we are accustomed to listening. I don’t mean to demonize the extension, it’s a great idea but keep in mind that when you use it, you are making free content disappear and giving way to the subscription model in which the big companies share the cake.


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