Adjusting the Size of a Wallpaper Image in Windows – Quick Guide

One of the advantages of Windows is that it can be customized to suit the taste of each user. Today we will see a feature that contributes to that greatly, the wallpaper. That way, we will teach you cHow to adjust the size of a wallpaper image in Windows.

How to adjust the wallpaper image

If you are choosing an image and you don’t know how to filter by resolution, but if you already have a background image and want to adjust its size, it will be a bit more complicated.

The first thing is to know how Windows deals with the background image you have. If the image has a different shape than your screen.

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To decide what Windows will do with the image you have already selected, you must read and follow the following simple steps:

  1. Right click on the desktop and select «Personalization». (Alternatively, you can go into control panel> Appearance and Personalization> Personalization)
  2. Here you will see your topics. Below, you will see a tab that says «Desktop wallpaper». Click on it.
  3. On «Image position», select the appropriate option.

If the Windows option still doesn’t look right, you have to find the image file of your wallpaper and resize it with a program to suit your needs.

Aerial view of a beach

If you already know where the image is, you can skip this section, if not, you can find it by following these simple steps:

  1. Right click on the desktop and select «Personalization». (Alternatively, you can go into control panel> Appearance and Personalization> Personalization)
  2. Here you will see your topics. Below, you will see a tab that says «Desktop wallpaper»
  3. Below this tab, is the file name of the image, write it down.
  4. Open the Windows menu.
  5. In the bar «Search programs and files», enter the file name and wait
  6. When the image appears, click on it with the right button and then on «Open file location «.

You can even put a GIF as your computer wallpaper. The possibilities are endless. If you share your computer with other people, you may be interested in knowing how to prevent others from changing the wallpaper.

Fill out

It is used to stretch a small image, compress a high resolution and modify the aspect ratio. Which makes the background fit the frames of our monitor.


It will help in case of very large images or with different resolution than our monitor; it usually happens that apply it as a background to the edges of the image are outside and only a central portion of it is visible.

Here we can use this option with which we can see the whole image when using it as a «wallpaper» and the empty parts will be filled with a solid color.


Useful when we want to select a small low-resolution image, adapting it so that it can be seen on the entire monitor, although when stretching images with little detail, lack of sharpness may be noticed, so it is recommended always select backgrounds with good resolution and when the screen can display it correctly.


Tool that will help us to repeat the same Image in the amplitude of our monitor, thus filling the empty spaces.


It consists of using the image in its original size, placing it in the entire center of our desktop and filling the rest of the screen with a solid color.

What is the ideal size for a wallpaper?

The standard size of an image to ensure a good wallpaper setting It is the resolution 1024 x 768, but currently we find multiple varieties of monitors, for this the best thing is to know about the aspect ratio.

Most of the current screens work in the 16.9 format known ‘panoramic’ in this type of screen the most optimal is to use images of 1020 x 1080 pixels, but we also have older 4.3 ‘square’ monitors where the ideal is 800×600 pixels.

Although there are exceptions where larger images can be used, everything will depend on both the monitor aspect ratio and resolution that is able to display as the size of the image. These are the most widely used formats today, although there are also manufacturers that made monitors of different sizes and their ideal formats for wallpapers are the following:

5.4. (1280×1024)

16.10. (1280×800) (1440×900)

5.3. (800×480) (1280×768)

3.2. (1152 × 768) (1440 × 960) (2000 × 1333)

how to adjust the wallpaper size

How to change the login image

To give a personal touch to our session in Windows we must go to the start menu, then we go to configuration, we enter the account aggregation and then we will have our account information available.

We select to create an image and we proceed to look for the one of our preference or we can take a picture directly if we have a camera connected to the PC; with this procedure we can change the image of our account which we will see at the beginning, but if what we want is to change the background image, when we want to start session we have two options to choose from: a flat color or an image.

Flat color

In order to establish a flat color background in the Windows login we must go to the registry editor, open the start button and type «regedit» to get to the path:

HKEY _LOCAL _MACHINE Software Policies Microsoft Windows SystemSystem

After this we will create a DWORD value and name it DisableLogonBackgroundImage, we attribute 00000001 to this value, this will be enough to see a flat color as the background on the login screen.

By image

To choose a custom image as the background on the home screen we access the settings, then we enter the customization option, we click on the lock screen to proceed to examine the computer and look for the image of our choice.

Once the lock image has been selected, we must activate the option «show the background image of the lock screen on the login screen» so thatAn image of your choice will be assigned on the screen where it shows your username before logging in.

What must be considered?

Before adjusting the wallpaper, you have to take into account several things, such as the size of the screen. Your desktop takes up all the screen space, but the image you choose can be larger or smaller, so first you should know the size of your monitor. But it is not enough to measure the monitor in centimeters, you need to know how many pixels will fit on it.

If you have a laptop, you can see this on the label. Otherwise, you can enter Control Panel, and then:

  1. Go to «Hardware and sound»
  2. Enter «Screen»
  3. On the left, click «Adjust Resolution»
  4. Don’t touch anything, just look at the tab «Resolution» and write down the numbers it says. The order is important.
  5. If you have more than one screen, click on the «Screen» tab and select the others, then repeat step 4.Field with flowers

Now you know the size of your desktop, when choosing an ideal image, you should try to make it more or less that size. You can download images of different genres for free on the official Microsoft website.

Keep in mind that what matters when viewing these resolutions is the image’s aspect ratio, that is, the ratio of an image’s height to its width.

For instance, a 2×2 image will look fine on a 4×4 and 8×8 screen, but not on an 8×4, because the relationship between height and width is not the same. You can use a calculator to figure out the aspect ratio of your monitor, and more easily compare it with the image you want to use.

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