Android: Reboot System Now Recovery Mode feature

Android phones have a host of important and interesting options that all of their users can care about. This is because the phone allows you to access and retrieve a lot of information in case any of the components that make up the device stopped working. For example, many people whose screen is broken and they need to restart the phone, can do it through Recovery mode.

You have to know that operating systems always have sections in which you can configure the options that you use when starting the system. In the case of Windows, we can access the Boot mode, but in Android, We only have the Recovery mode.

What is Recovery mode?

This is a special menu which you can access by pressing using a combination between the volume keys and the home key. This mode is very important for when there is some error that prevents android from starting in a correct way, that is, it stays hanging on the robot’s logo.

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This can mean a wide variety of problems for your device. Many times, they are caused by system conflicts, such as folders whose directory was changed, and therefore the system cannot get to them. Another example of this can be when you have a virus that deletes important folders on Android, so you already have an idea of ​​its other applications.

One use you can assign to it is to reset the phone to factory settings from the recovery mode. Also, it is important that you know that Recovery mode can be changed, that is, you can download modes other than the ones your phone has factory-installed. For example, in android you can make a copy of the operating system with Philz Touch, which is another company that generates software for recovery mode.

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How to Access Recovery Mode on Android?

To access the recovery mode on an Android phone, you have to do it when the mobile is turned off. Since that’s the way recover the system and the only way to do it is that the device is turned off to access that mode.

Turn off your phone

The first step to access the recovery mode and be able to perform a system recovery or restore is turn off your phone. But, before turning off the phone you have to make sure that the battery of the mobile phone is with enough charge. Because if you turn off the phone with the battery at half life or with very little charge, you are going to run the risk that when you enter the recovery mode the battery will be completely discharged. This can cause irreparable damage to the phone board or system.

Press the volume up and power button

The second step to enter or activate the recovery mode of the phone is to press the button to raise the volume and the button to turn on the phone. You have to be clear that these buttons must be pressed both immediately at the same time. If the two are not pressed at the same time it will not work, which means that the phone will not enter recovery mode.

Hold down until it turns on

Once you have pressed both buttons, the third step is to keep them pressed until the mobile turns on. The phone will turn on and display the team logo, then it will go through the Android logo. That means that you are already entering the recovery mode and the steps are working.

What are the Recovery Mode options on Android?

The function of the recovery mode in Android is to achieve restore the computer system. This can be done in order to make the mobile work again or simply to restore all its settings such as the factory mode of the team.

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What is the main function of the «REBOOT SYSTEM NOW» option?

More than the main one, the only function it has ‘REBOOT SYSTEM NOW’ is to format the phone. In other words, selecting this option will reset the phone in the same way that computers do.

This is an option that will not adversely affect the operating system, but rather allows you to quickly access a saved version of the system, that is, it restores the system to a point prior to the one causing the telephone can’t turn on.

It is important that you remember that the recovery modes of Android-type phones have many companies that manufacture them, so many times the recovery mode will come in foreign languages, and you will need to know how to move in them. One of the most common languages ​​is Chinese, and that is why many users consider it important to know how to format in the recovery mode of a mobile phone in Chinese.

Even so, when you press this option, it will not do anything more or less than deactivate the recovery mode and let you access the normal Android mode, yes, only if the system allows it, as this will not start if any of its parts is compromised.

We remind you that in case you have accessed this mode by mistake, and you do not know how to exit it, this option is the correct one so that you can start your phone without much problem, since it eliminates the recovery mode and lets you directly access the normal android startup settings. This is important as this mode can seem highly confusing for all first time users of android devices.
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Does using «REBOOT SYSTEM NOW» format my phone?

Something that all the people who use ‘REBOOT SYSTEM NOW’ have to keep in mind when they are entering the recovery mode is that they are going to lose all information and configurations that they have in the equipment. This option will format the phone so that it can look like it was fresh from the factory.

I gave Reboot System now but it does not start the Android, what should I do?

If you started it accidentally and you don’t know how to get out of this mode, you should know that taking a phone out of recovery mode is easy. This is because this option is many times used only by technicians, or the people who really want to activate it.

We warn you that possibly your android system is compromised and therefore, all the information that you store in it. That is why if you access the recovery mode, but your phone still does not start even though you give reboot system now, it is that your own phone really freezes when you open the items you need to activate.

In this case, we recommend that you change the android ROM that you have installed on your phone. However, this can be quite a long and tedious process, so We recommend that you take it to a technician.

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