Angry Birds Go! available in Spain

Have you spent hours and hours playing Angry Birds? There comes a time when even the best of games begins to get boring (but tell those who spend hours and hours in front of some FPS).

That is why Rovio has decided change your style a bit and launch a new mobile game that, although it doesn’t innovate anything, can be fun and addictive (but not as much as Angry Birs was at the time).

Angry Birds Go! It has been long awaited and it has finally arrived. It is a game in the purest Mario Kart style (ModNation Racers and a long etcetera of copies that have not achieved their fame). It will allow us to drive the fun cars with pigs and birds.

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It is really addictive, I leave you the trailer so you can whet your appetite. It can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry 10. To access the download you can do it from the official website.


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