Automatically Round Decimals in Excel Always Down

When it comes to statistics, Excel has become our best ally. And it is that this program, although it was founded years ago, has remained in the ranking of the best due to its easy handling. That is why today you will learn to round decimals down in Excel automatically.

First of all, this program is made up of a spreadsheet made up of a series of cells. There you can work with numbers in a simple way, and do mathematical calculations immediately.

Use formulas to round down in Excel

There are several ways to round, one is rounding to the nearest number, another is rounding up and finally rounding down. In the case of wanting to round down, the function = ROUNDLESS must be applied. Below we will talk a little about this and the other functions to round.

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The method that we will teach you this time is called rounding, to use it we will write the word ‘= round’ right in the column next to our decimal.

Next we select the option ‘= rounding.minus’. After this we open a parenthesis and we click on the number to modify, we add ‘;’ and we choose the number of decimal places that we want to decrease.

To finish we press the enter key and this command will immediately be applied in the selected cell. In a more graphic way our function should be like this: = round minus (C4; 1).

round decimals down in excel

This function allows us to reduce the time spent on our jobs and facilitates us in one way or another mathematical calculations using formulas that Excel contains.

What are functions used for in Excel?

Functions are the basis of Microsoft Excel, thanks to them we can apply any type of mathematical expression in a very simple way. The best thing about functions is that it is usually enough to write them to perform complex processes in an instant.

Learn how to use the = ROUND () function

Rounding is useful when decimals are not required. It is easy to use, but has its variants, so we will introduce you to the different functions for this purpose.

= ROUND ()

The round function is used precisely to round a number and bring it closer to the nearest integer. It is useful when we do not want to use decimals or when they are not important.


The ROUNDUP function will seek to bring the number to the nearest superior. It is practically the same as ROUND, only that the function will focus on bringing the number to the highest integer.


ROUNDDOWN is the same as ROUNDDOWN but in reverse, instead, this function will take the number to the lowest integer.

Practice other ways to round in Excel

As we pointed out, there is not only one function to round. In fact, it is recommended to use each of them for each particular case. For example, if you need to take a decimal to the top number, it is best to use ROUNDUP, while if you want to do the opposite, ROUNDLESS is the option.

On the other hand, if you want the most mathematical result and close to reality, then uses the basic ROUND function. Any can be useful depending on the case. In turn, we have other ways to round, the manual ways.

Using the decimal increase and decrease buttons

The decimal increase and decrease buttons are located on the Excel Home tab. With them you can increase the number of decimals expressed, Keep in mind that they only work when you select the cells, otherwise using the buttons will have no effect.

round decimals automatically in excel

Setting and applying a cell format

This is the basic way to round, to do this, simply select all the cells where you want to apply the format. Later, go to ‘Start’In the middle you will see the format section, you can find it because it is configured as ‘General’ by default.

To apply a specific setting, simply select the option that best suits you. In this way you can apply the format and round many cells automatically.

What is Excel?

It is a Microsoft application, and its main objective is make and facilitate calculations. In it you can elaborate calculations, formulas, mathematical operations and you can even calculate a price table. No matter your occupation or profession, this program is easy to use and will help you manage your data.

In the same way, it allows us to choose different designs from which you can select the one that is assimilated to your personality or to the goal you are pursuing.

It also has the style table options, where you can select the rows / columns that you want to hide or show.

This has now become almost essential in large companies, since it is compatible with various programs. In summary this is a giant calculator that makes it easier for you to interpret your data.

Why use Excel?

The main reason is that it allows us, believe it or not, to obtain a much higher value in our curriculum synthesis. Because 90% of companies use this software therefore its use is essential when employing new people

In addition to being a completely free and easily accessible system, it has an infinite number of functions that range from databases to creating graphics with texts. It also allows you to improve your presentations when showing your results, which it will make reading easier of large amounts of information.

And if you are the owner of a company, this is the program you have been looking for so much! to graphically organize your finances. It also has conditional formatting and data validation.

excel round function

AND as if that were not enough, it allows use user-created formulas that adapt to your needs, thus empowering your business. And thus generating a much more successful company.

Excel tricks

Change the time of self-saving of our document, in some cases it is usually quite stormy when our PC gets stuck and we lose all the information that we had captured.

In case you didn’t know, Excel automatically saves a copy of the document, which by default is 10 minutes. You can edit this in the option File> Options> Save.

We are located in the box that says ‘Save information every’ and we click on the 1 minute tab. We select Apply and voila, this will no longer be a problem.

Another trick of this system is to be able to perform an advanced search with wildcard characters with the key combination Ctrl + B.

Immediately a box will open where we can search for a text or number which is located in our spreadsheet.

We don’t necessarily have to put the whole word or number, if the case were that we do not remember it completely. This option allows us to only place the word or sign that we remember. And it will immediately give us all the results available in the document.

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