Azure Registry Error ‘The Account is Not Correct’ – Solution

The Azure registration error «The account is not correct» it is more common than it seems, affecting a large number of users. Having the services of this platform represents almost endless options for creating whatever you want in computing. Today, it is one of the most demanded Microsoft services for Windows and Linux as such.

Microsoft Azure has come to take over the world and completely revolutionize the entire concept of cloud-based computing. Therefore, errors like this can be counterproductive for users, reducing the use and guarantee of the platform. Solving it is an absolute priority to prevent the evil from being much greater.

First of all, how can you sign up for Azure? Follow these steps to find out!

As a first step, you must access the official Azure registration website, searching for it in your favorite browser. It should be noted that the platform itself is paid, but Azure offers a limited free income for those who are first timers. This is one way create an Azure account without spending a single penny. Otherwise, free registration is not a viable option, so to fully enjoy its services you must have this provision.

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Now, regardless of the scenario, the first thing is to select «Get started for free» or «Buy now» to move on. If you choose option number one, the page will require you to sign in with your Microsoft account as a prerequisite.

azure platform

If you opt for the second option, you must press «Buy now» after a brief introduction. However, in both scenarios a form will be displayed to fill out with truthful information. Among the data to be entered, the information of the region is one of the first, as well as the name, surname and even telephone number.

The only plausible difference is that, obviously, depending on the path you choose, you will have to indicate a payment method in one and not in another. The rest is totally the same, even being necessary the confirmation of identity to validate the account.

If you are looking at an Azure registration error “account is not correct” scenario, something is wrong with the procedure. It must be arranged quickly to do not interrupt the stepsAlthough you do not worry, it is easy to solve.

Quickly fix Azure registration error «account is not correct»!

As well mentioned, this error can occur at any time and is more common than it seems. To be able to log in to Azure you must go through the registration that can be the victim of a failure like this and hinder the process.

The problem may be due to several reasons, one of the main being a failed credit card number during payment. Also, in relation to this aspect, the selected payment method may not be available at that time, making the procedure take time.

microsoft azure logo

Everything can go wrong when dealing with incorrect card details and Azure registration error «The account is not correct.» As well as the aforementioned, the detail of the error may be due to a mismatch in the information related to the bank account.

Another reason why Azure registration error «Account is not correct» is when the free trial scenario does not work. Either due to technical failures or because it is not available, if this mode is down, obviously the registry will succumb immediately.

On the other hand, if the Microsoft account that you contribute at the beginning of the registry has totally different personal information, you will be in trouble. Both the real account and the Azure account must be in sync to avoid errors like these.

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