Backyard Monsters, real-time strategy game for Tuenti and Facebook

When Tuenti existed, surely you have ever played Backyard monsters, a really addictive game that captivated many users. It’s a game of strategy (an Age of Empires style) in real time. In the game you will breed monsters and you will be able to attack wild monsters or your friends. Without a doubt, one of the first games of the Clash of Clans type that came to triumph among the masses.

Backyard monsters

In Backyard Monsters you will start by building a little city and you will design it your way, protecting her well in most cases you will be able to avoid enemy attacks. Don’t worry, the first week you will have protection for attacks (of players).

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There are 4 types of resources essentials and you will need to keep all the raw materials. What are you waiting for to hunt down the other monster cities? The game also exists in Facebook. In the video that we put in the article you will see what Backyard Monsters is like.

Can Backyard Monsters be played in 2021?

No, this is the sad answer we have to give you. Do not search the Internet because the only thing you will find are apps or games that no longer exist and that, in the worst case, they can steal your money.

Backyard monsters you could play on Tuenti until it closed, was playable on Facebook until they launched Facebook Gaming (late 2020) and currently no longer playable anywhere. If you want to play something like Backyard Monsters, it is best if you directly play Clash of Clans because it is the best game of its kind and still in 2021 it is still very strong.


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