Be alert with this scam! Corner Store Outlet Apple, sells cheap iPhones and does not deliver them

Alert! If you have received an offer or have entered the web DO NOT BUY ANYTHING. The Cyber ​​Crimes Unit of Spain has informed us that they have already certified that «Corner Store Outlet Apple» is a scammer who sells you cheap iPhone or other Apple products and then it turns out that he keeps the money and doesn’t send anything.

This person also has an Instagram account called Corner Store Outlet Apple under the name ramon.castellarnau.92, so check your account and if you are following it then delete it, block it or do what you have to do but get it off your radar. They have already deleted some networks and open others. You have to be very aware. We are going to give you the references we have so that you can identify these types of scams and do not fall into these traps.

Corner Store Outlet Apple Website – A Scam

Corner Store Outlet Apple a scammer who sells you cheap iPhone page

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This is how the Corner Store Outlet Apple website looks like: a scammer who sells you cheap iPhones. As you can see, the page is «normalized», that is, the author seeks to put everything that a normal and legal web page has, such as several languages ​​for example. It puts up the «reCAPTCHA protection».

He is very alert with the name of the web page «Corner Store Outlet Apple» and this name «PICA D’STATS, Wholesale Distributor». You can notice that it also offers a franchise for its store, this is to give more validity to the page. Don’t fall for any of these tricks. Actually, the man has WhatsApp and everything, since he talks to make the deliveries, but if you look at his website there is no real information about where he lives, name or anything. Everything is invented and operates from Andorra to make it more difficult for the police to detect it.

Corner Store Outlet Apple Instagram: A Scam

Corner Store Outlet Apple a scammer who sells you cheap iPhone instagram

This is the Instagram of the scammer. The name «Ramon Casterllanau» can be invented, but still take this reference so that you are alert. This is very common on the Internet and there are always ways to check it. It also happens with data theft, if it has happened here we have some recommendations in this regard.

Very alert then with Corner Store Outlet Apple and Wholesaler, is a scammer who sells you cheap iPhones and other Apple products that he never delivers. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to write to us.


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