Boot an image from our Android mobile

Our operating system always crashes at the worst time. When this happens we have to resort to a Live CD or a USB to install an operating system (usually Linux) and start the new distro to retrieve the information that we need at that time.

Surely it has happened to you more than once and when you don’t have a flash drive at hand you can use your Android mobile as a LiveCD. To do this there is an application called DriveDroid that allows booting an image from our smartphone (a Linux distro, the Windows recovery CD, etc.).

To install the image you only have to do a couple of things:

  • We download the application from Google Play. You have a paid version that removes advertising for 1 euro.
  • And download the image that we want to use on our mobile phone through the normal storage mode and select it with the program itself.

Once these steps are done, you only have to connect the mobile and select the boot in the BIOS so that it can be done from the phone itself, but I have bad news, you need to be root to run the app.

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