Buying Chinese Cell Phones: Is It Recommended? – Data to Take into Account

From previous times there has been the ‘suspicion’ or doubt that mobile devices from China are not usually of such good quality compared to other terminals developed in other places and even, a few years ago, buy chinese cell phones for some it was an insurance that probably at any moment it would fail or be completely damaged.

But before delving further into this topic, we will give a brief review of the evolution of mobile devices And since these have reached what they are today, in this way we will connect everything and make you understand that the excuse or comment that buying a Chinese terminal is a bad idea was left in the past and now it is more than advisable to get one of these mobiles.

Evolution of mobile devices.

Smartphones have had a remarkable growth in recent decades, presenting to the market every season new and innovative terminals which over the years adapt to the different demands and needs of users from different parts of the world. Clearly this rhythm of production not all have managed to maintain it.

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Many companies and companies throughout these years have ventured into the world of telephony, many of these with remarkable success, others with irregular gait, and still others simply gave up trying. It is important to note that even large corporations and companies like Sony have presented their mobile devices to the market and have not had the success they expected.

Secondly, there are important companies that since their first launch of mobile devices have managed to establish and maintain themselves in the wide market. This is undoubtedly the case of Samsung and iPhone, which despite maintaining different operating systems such as Android and iOS, have always managed to be at the top of the best mobile devices.

android terminal

In addition, these 2 operating systems basically control the telephony market since both have the majority of mobile phone sales and all types of terminals as such. This undoubtedly marks an important point in the evolution of smartphones, in which new emerging brands with their own devices with Android system.

From here we can begin to name important companies which over time have become established in the market and even have global recognition at the same level as Samsung or iPhone. Some of these brands are Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Huawei. These last 3 originally from China.

How good or reliable are Chinese cell phones

Phones that come from China have proven to be devices very good quality. Not only for the functionality of these equipment, but also for durability, stability and performance.

Chinese phone companies have had an important evolution in recent years through innovative, interesting and high-quality brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei. Over time, these have offered a new image to mobile devices from this country, positioning themselves among the top of the best smartphones in the world.

Curiously, these terminals have currently managed to be at the same level as the important companies focused on this field, it can even be said with total certainty that there are Xiaomi or Huawei mobile devices much more powerful and of better quality that the best Samsung and iPhone terminals showing the whole world that these cell phones are worth it.

Myths and truths about Chinese cell phones

Over the years, Chinese brand products have had a terrible reputation worldwide. Especially it happens with electronic devices such as telephones, computers and others, which are seen in a bad way by people. However, many of these rumors turn out to be false and made up by workers from other large companies to take customers to their stores.

The products of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi or Huawei have not only proven to be of very good quality. Rather, they are now competing head-to-head with giant phone companies for the position of being the best phone market.

Poor quality components

The price of some Chinese phones, cheaper than other smartphones, has led to the saying that they are made with poor quality parts. For this reason, many people think that If you buy a Chinese phone, it will be damaged at any time and it won’t last at all.

Many of the components with which Chinese brands make their phones are used by other large companies. As an example are the batteries or batteries, which are bought from American companies such as LG or Sony.

To know that these components are of good quality, the Chinese used to name the components in the phone specs. Therefore, you have to read these specifications to find out if it suits you.

buy chinese cell phones

Lousy design

When buying Chinese cell phones, another myth is that these phones have a terrible design. ANDthis is totally falseSince Chinese companies have recently tried to make designs similar to those of large companies.

In fact, many of the Chinese phones have been classified as clones of other phones. For example, this is the case of the iPhone in the Galaxy version. Other phones are created on inspirations from phones from the big brands, for example the Xiaomi brand takes a lot of inspiration from the Apple brand.

On the other hand, there are Chinese smartphones that have better models than cell phones of more recognized and famous brands. A clear example is telephones OnePlus which has a beautiful stone finish design.

Poor level of customization layers

It is false that when buying Chinese cell phones you will find a poor level of personalization layers. This is because it is precisely the Chinese who best modifications are made to the Android operating system. In the same way, the Xiaomi brand is the one with the best layers of customization by making a great combination of the best features of iOS and the best of Android.

Terrible update support

For its part, this rumor is more truthful than the previous ones. Since phones created by Chinese brands they don’t usually do software updates. In general, Chinese phones keep the same software version throughout their useful life.

However, again Xiaomi is the best system in this area, since updates your systems constantly. Also in high-end phones Huawei is making innovations more constantly.

Difficulty buying them

This myth is more or less true, since many of the Chinese companies that create phones they only sell in China. Therefore, they have to be bought there and then, wait for the cell phone to make the trip to our country of origin, previously passing through the corresponding customs.

However, there are currently more advanced companies offering products on this side of the world. Therefore, the purchase does not take so long and you can get the product more easily.

Facts you should know before buying a Chinese phone

Some extra information that you should know when buying Chinese phones, refer to the cell phone warranty. If you buy directly from a Chinese establishment, in most cases they do not give guarantee.

On the contrary, there are some companies that do offer a guarantee but you are not completely sure that they will fulfill you. For example, if you make this type of purchase and your cell phone is damaged, the trip from your home to China, you will have to pay for yourself.

An interesting fact about these mobiles from Chinese brands is that are widely known for having great specs and features at the level of the best mid-range and high-end smartphones, while presenting quite accessible prices for all users. So you are likely to get a very good new phone at a very good price.

xiaomi phone

What happens if I buy a Chinese cell phone? It is advisable?

Absolutely nothing happens, you will be buying a good quality phone. Currently, the market for Chinese phones that come to other continents is covered by Xiaomi and Huawei in almost its entirety, therefore you will find very good terminals at an affordable price.

We recommend you buy one of these smartphones. They have the quality of any other terminal from another country, in addition if you don’t have that much money you can get a good mobile device.

What are the best Chinese cell phones today?

If you want to buy Chinese cell phones, you should find out which ones are the best of the moment. One of the best are the OnePlus 8T which has many of the best features you can find. For its part, there is the Redmi Note 9T although it is a low-end model Xiaomi brought out one of the best phones you can buy.

The Xiomi Mi 11 It is one of the newest Chinese cell phones and it quickly established itself as one of the best phones. Similarly, there is the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro, which is a high-end phone with 5G connectivity.

What are the most reliable Chinese cell phone brands at the moment?

The best Chinese brand of the moment and the one that is recognized the most phones is the brand Xiaomi and of which it is not necessary to inquire much. Other Chinese brands that have also been recognized in recent years are Lenovo, Huawei or ZTE. These brands have created a host of the best phones.

Similarly, in recent years, brands such as THL or Meizu. You are, in the Chinese market they are considered one of the best and are spreading worldwide. Elephone, Cubot or Jiayu They are also very recognized brands in the Chinese territory.

buy chinese cell phones little phones

Chinese cell phones of unknown brands

In this sense the telephone Jiayu S3 eIt’s a great phone from a brand not so well known in the west that you can buy. Similarly, the Meizu MX4 offers great features in terms of storage memory and RAM. As well as a great processor and good 4G connectivity.

What is the life cycle of Chinese cell phones?

If you are going to buy Chinese cell phones, you must take into account the life cycle of these phones. The durability of the phones depends on the use and treatment that is given to it. However, as we have mentioned that these phones do not update the software, they may have a life cycle of a couple of years.

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