Can My Mobile Battery Explode While Charging? Avoid it!

Burned phone

Mobile devices are part of our day to day, so it is normal to use them constantly without giving break. And although all devices are designed under a wide quality margin, they can fail and cause circuits to burn, resulting in the phone starting to burn or, in the worst case, explode.

There are many cases of mobile devices that, subjected to certain conditions, catch fire and some even explode; However, is it possible that all devices are exposed to combustion or can only mobile phones that are defective at the factory reach this point?

It must be clear that mobile devices are electronic devices and that they are composed of electrical systems so it is prone to suffer a short circuit and, therefore, catch fire or explode. But why this? In the following article we will explain the main causes why a phone can explode and how to avoid it.

Subjecting the phone to extreme conditions

It is possible that a mobile device could ignite or explode if subjected to a high voltage charging. In the same way, a telephone can burn if it is subjected to a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, it is advisable to charge the device with its original charger and not with that of another mobile, since the voltages may vary. In the same way, using multiple applications at the same time can generate overheating in the mobile, so it is advisable not to use it if the phone begins to feel very hot.

Using the mobile while it is charging can also cause the phone to burn or explode, so it is recommended that do not use while charging.

Faulty batteries

Smart devices contain lithium-ion batteries in their batteries to ensure a longer life, that the battery lasts longer and that the charging process is much faster.

Despite this, the constant charges and discharges of the battery generate fibers known as dendrites That can be the cause of generating overheating in the mobile or short circuits and, to a greater extent, its spontaneous combustion.

battery of a damaged mobile

Batteries are sensitive to extreme voltages or temperatures and those that are defective can start to swell, which may cause equipment deterioration.

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Therefore, if you notice that your mobile battery is bulging, you should not recharge said battery as it is very prone to collapse and generate combustion.

Fast charge

The most modern devices include fast charging chargers so that, as the name implies, the battery charging process is much faster and therefore you can use your mobile earlier.

This function implies that the voltage to charge the mobile will be higher, taking the phone to the limit. In principle the devices are capable of withstanding these types of voltages at the time of loading; however, the problem lies when using chargers other than the manufacturer’s.

Phone connected to a power bang

It must be taken into account, that with the passage of time, the mobile battery is wearing out, so it becomes more prone to damage if we misuse it and the way we charge the mobile.

That is why we must avoid at all costs using a charger from a manufacturer other than our mobile and even more so one that is fast charging, since the chances of a failure or short circuit in the battery will increase.

How to prevent your cell phone from exploding?

Use the correct charger

The Chargers regulate the intensity with which the current charges the battery, so you have to avoid other different mobile chargers.

Charge the mobile and disconnect it immediately

Avoid that your mobile is still plugged in after it has been fully charged as this can generate voltage variation and overheating.

Do not use the mobile while charging it

By using the mobile and receiving electricity at the same time, the mobile will reach its limit and overheat, increasing the risk of explosion.

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