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Since Android is an operating system that allows constant user customization, the message ‘Cannot establish a reliable connection to the server’ is more common than it sounds.

This problem refers to the fact that the Internet network, be it wireless or by telephone signal, is not able to connect with Google services.

As a consequence, no person who has this error within your android device will be able to use it, including the applications related to them.

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This can cause great concerns for many users of this amazing OS. The truth is that there is no reason, since the reasons why this happens are very simple and have easy solutions to carry out.

Therefore, you have reached the right place to regain the usability of your mobile. Through the following solutions you will learn to repair this error.

What do you mean, unable to connect to the server?

This is an error that you still do not believe it is more common and usual than you could believe it, in general this error occurs because we could not connect to Google’s servers, this may be due either to a bad internet connection, some bug in the application that we use or that Google’s servers are down.

What is an authentication problem?

An authentication problem it is an error that usually occurs between our internet modem and the devices connected to this network, usually phones, especially if they are with the Android operating system.

Because of this is that a bad connection occurs and there may not be a good operation on our devices when they try to connect to the internet, therefore, we will have to check our internet equipment.

If indeed we believe that it is our modem or router that is generating the authentication error, then a good solution might be to restart it, this way it would return to its predefined configuration, having no single device connected to the wireless network.

Once we have restarted our modem or router, the ideal is go to the corresponding page to configure it, Usually it is the IP address of the equipment or some web page, in the same way the information to configure it will be found under the equipment.

Within the website to configure it, we will place it to be WPA-PSK security and a password to access the wireless network connection, we will save the changes made and connect the necessary devices to the modem and test if it produces an authentication error again.

How to fix ‘There was an error connecting to the server’?

Despite being a problem that directly affects the functionality of the device, this does not require modifications, changes or formatting your Android. That is, it is not necessary to perform a previous ‘root’ procedure to find the solution to this type of problem.

The truth is that the message ‘Cannot establish a reliable connection to the server’ appears when the user in question performs a modification, installation or use of a particular procedure within the mobile device.


One of the main reasons why it appears is after the installation of a program. You may a plugin is missing within the system.

Since it is relatively difficult to discover what aspect is absent on your mobile, the best recommendation is download the latest version of «Google Play services« in the form of APK.

After you install, this program will detect and acquire the add-on that the system needs to work optimally.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that the application from which the error of ‘Cannot establish a reliable connection with the server’ has an old degree of technological security.

When using programs that do not acquire constant updates from their creators, they maintain the security parameters established at their launch.

That is why sometimes they do not need or conform to the standard degree of security that is constantly presented to Android.

Therefore, to solve this aspect you can access from a computer the following link to enable access to less secure applications.

To achieve this, it will only be necessary to enter the Google account and slide the bar to activate it, and then try again to access the App from your mobile device.

Another way to fix ‘Cannot establish a reliable connection to the server’

Another cause is network connection problems. So that All you have to do is modify it to be able to enjoy Google services again. This is accomplished by changing and configuring the DNS. This requires that the device be connected to a wireless network.


Once inside the ‘Settings’, enter the Wi-Fi network to which the mobile is connected and press on the’Advanced Options’ to apply the changes noted below:

  • Given the order in which the options appear, within ‘Settings’ the definition will be changed to ‘Static IP’.
  • Inside ‘IP Address’ and ‘Gateway’ it will be written ‘’.
  • The next section is ‘Network prefix length’, within which you must write the number 24.
  • Finally, in DNS 1 you must write ‘’ and in DNS 2 ‘’, and then click on ‘Save’.

These modifications are very easy to make. You should only change each of the parameters correctly to recover the connection to Google services.

Once the modifications proposed within this article have been completed, you will be able to enjoy the programs related to this incredible company again.

How to establish a secure connection to the server?

The main thing is to identify which is the origin of the error, Since this server connection error can be due to many factors, among these may be that Google’s servers are down, a corrupted file of the Google application that we want to use and finally it could be an error from our internet team .

There are pages that notify if Google has suffered a temporary drop from the servers, as well as through social networks such as Twitter you can inform yourself if in effect servers are down or not.

In the event that the servers have not been crashed, that leaves room for it could be our internet connection or some bug of the Google application that we are using.

The next thing we could do is check our internet connection, You can check this using the mobile data of your device to see if the application does not suffer the error or some other network, if so then we must verify what happens with our internet connection and how to fix it.

google apps

If, on the other hand, our connection is excellent, then it makes it clear to us that it may be an application bug, If this is the reason why the application fails, we must look for the appropriate methods to solve the server connection error.

The latter we could have several solutions to have the Google application functional again that does not respond, the first thing would be to go to the Settings of our cell phone, then to the storage section and search for the Google application, and later being there clear application data and cache.

This will make the app reset, When we return to the application we will have to log in again, if we move through each of the aspects of the application and everything loads us perfectly, then we will have fixed the error.

On the other hand, if we are still presenting the error, our last possible solution should be return the application to its version of factory, We can do this in exactly the same place where the application data is deleted, only in this case we will use the option that is to restore the factory version.

So in this way we will remove each of the updates that the application has received, and finally the next step will be go to the Google Play Store and update the application, It is recommended that we download it with a good internet, thus we prevent the same error from occurring later.

At the end of having downloaded it, we will open it, log in and test each option of the application, if everything loads excellent, it means that we have gotten rid of the server connection error.

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