Change Currency and Region of Google Maps Location – Easy and Fast

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to remember an address? Google Maps has become the best ally when it comes to reaching a place we do not know. Today you will learn step by step how to change the type of currency and the region that appears on Google Maps.

This application is designed to facilitate mobilization in the region. And it allows us to calculate the distance between our start point and destination point. In addition to calculating the cost of our journey according to the means of transport by which we will travel.

What is Google Maps?

It is an application characterized by being the chosen one in the middle of the competition. This due to its various functions in the map service and the ease of use for the public.

Available both on mobile devices and on the website. Based on making it easy to find business cards and addresses. Its main objective is to show the user the route between two points using the ‘How to get there’ function.

It also serves to be our guide in the knowledge of new places near the perimeter in which we find ourselves. And it allows us to share our location with other contacts. This system provides a series of rotating graphs that facilitate the visualization of the route.

What currencies and regions are available on Google Maps?

Currently 192 regions are available in Google Maps, you can choose between any of them and start seeing Google data directed to this specific region, such as prices; for example, if in the region configuration I put Colombia, I will start to see the prices in pesos. All available regions have this feature, show their own currency.

change type of currency and region that appears in google maps

Why should you change the currency it shows you?

If you are traveling and using Google Maps, the ideal would be to change the region from where you were to your current location, since you can see the prices in local currencyThis can be very helpful, if you know the approximate prices of food, lodging and entertainment, you will be able to take better advantage of your budget, avoiding inconveniences along the way.

Another reason to change the currency is, if you want to know the prices of certain services In any region, whether it is to buy something by mail or because you are planning to go there, it is generally very useful to change currency on Google Maps for research purposes.

How to change your Google account country

First of all, we must open our Google account username that we have, entering our email and password. After this we go to the Google Maps website.

Located on the page, we click on the options menu that will appear displayed on the left side of the screen. Then with the cursor we press the option ‘Search settings’.

A few seconds later a new tab will appear on our screen. There you click on the option ‘Region Settings’. Once this option is selected, the list of available countries will be displayed on our screen.

You select your region and the currency with which you want Google Maps to do its calculations. And click Save, after this your configuration It will be saved on all devices where you have your Google account open.

Main functions of Google Maps

Google Maps in addition to being a maps application, offers amenities such as descriptions of restaurants, shops, public places, you can consult the services offered in these places, it provides scrollable images of the streets you travel on the map, you can see your location in real time as well as share it with your contacts, it has the GPS function which makes it very useful while you are driving, since the voice of the assistant will show you the streets.

change google maps currency

Another quite useful function of Google Maps is to predict your arrival time to certain destinations, taking into account the traffic or other obstructions if you go by vehicle, flight hours if you go by plane and it also gives you an approximate travel time if you are walking.

Tricks for using Google Maps

90% of users of technology use Google Maps, that is why today you will see a series of tricks to use this application like a professional.

Had a night of drinks and don’t know where you kept your car? Well with this Google Maps function you can save the location where you parked your car. In addition to having a history of locations that is very useful in these cases.

To have this function you must click on Google Maps on the blue arrow that indicates your location and select the option Save parking.

You can come back in 5 or 6 hours and your car address will still be stored on your device. S is reflected with a letter P in the application.

This incredible application also has at its disposal a series of maps that we can use offline, for this we must download them from the main menu.

And if your wish is to go to a store but there are too many people, with Google Maps you will find the solution to this problem.

Well, through the search engine of this App you can verify how busy the store or shopping center of your preference is and in the same way allows you to check their work schedule.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

This comparison will always depend on the user’s preferences. But this time we will give you a couple of benefits of both systems.

Google Maps has a much faster interface and has many more locations and routes than Apple Maps. However, the latter has a streaming function that allows the user to view their location fully live. So lately the market has innovated with this function.

Graphics on Google Maps They are a little weaker compared to Apple, however Google has the advantage when it comes to speed.

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