Change PSN password via PC

How do you all know the PSN reset It is already a reality and many of you will return to To play online, but the later ones have experienced a little problem when it comes to change your PSN account password.

By means of an exploit, hackers could have access to this data to change it and have been forced to give up this service. From the 15th many PSP users They have had problems logging in and the way to change this password is a little different.

To do it you just have to:

  1. Have the password of the email with which you registered to be able to receive mail from Playstation.
  2. To open from a browser.
  3. You will see a screen to log into PSN.
  4. You will enter the 2 data and press Login.
  5. You will receive an email and following its instructions you can change your password.
  • If, on the other hand, you have forgotten the password, select the other option on the same screen, enter the data and follow the instructions in the email that you will receive.
  • This process can be done up to 3 times in a day, if so, follow the instructions in the last email you received.
  • If you want more information contact:


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