Comparison: Call of Duty Black Ops or Battlefield Bad Company 2?

How fond of shooters I will dare with the classic question and I will try to make a reflection as objective as possible. When you are in the store you think… now what game do I buy? doCall of Duty: Black Ops or Battlefield Bad Company 2?

Undoubtedly making a niche in this market is difficult, there are many of great quality such as Medal of Honor, Halo or Crysis but they all lose value next to these two sagas that they are the best. Of that I have no doubt.

We will start by delving into the different aspects of each one and making an extensive comparison, yes, whatever they say they are not similar.

the story mode

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They both have a good story modePerhaps the Call of Duty campaign is more impressive, but Bad Company 2 is not far behind at all, in this section I don’t know which side to stay on. I wouldn’t dare bet on any of them. And if I have to get wet, I vote for COD. I’ve played them all and they’ve all been pretty good.

Both they are short, something that the games sin too much lately. The campaign is so intense that you put on and finish it in 2 days. Now, when you buy a game of this style you are focusing your future on online gaming.

multiplayer mode

Actually is what matters, if I’m honest I have half the 2 campaigns because I don’t have much time to play and when I can… I definitely go to multiplayer.

In this section we find several aspects to deal with.


The gaming experience it’s different in the 2 (in which tastes prevail) if it’s your first shooter I would definitely recommend Call of Duty, it’s a good game to play ability with games of the genre. It is something more kills kills (pure adrenalin), but even so, if you have friends to play with, you can have a great time.

In Battlefield you live a war, in COD you hit shots. It is a simple description, but effective.


In COD maps are small (up to a maximum of 18 players, normally 12) and in BCC2 maps are great (80% more) and accounts with different types of vehicles to go through them and reach the exact point of the war and up to 24 players.

You will have a great time piloting tanks, helicopters, quads, jet skis, boats, jeeps, etc on BBC2. you will destroy buildings on BBC2 to the ground, it will be fun to watch and impressive.

game progress

in COD you put yourself at the controls and you start, you start to kill, first you make some shitty stockings because you have no idea but when you realize you’re already there, you’re already at the top of the table and giving fire from all sides. You pass a prestige, another, another, another and I already lost the merit. I can no longer nothing new since about 5 days. It’s something that motivated me to change the game, that and its lag forced me to leave COD (although I’m still playing).

On BBC 2 you start, if you’re used to COD everything it makes you very strange, very big, very hard, you get to the point and they kill you, start over, all my patrol is dead, there are no vehicles in the base, I have to walk 2 minutes to get to the necessary point. I get tired, I scratch, I turn off.

The next day I’ll try again, I don’t like it, but the game cost me a fortune and I try to fuel it. I kill some, I observe the strategy and start to learn, a couple of days go by and I’m hooked, I can’t stop playing. I’m still at level 7, wow… I want to get all the weapons and I’m going to kick it. it’s hard a lot more difficult level up, the challenge becomes bigger and therefore hooks me more in that sense. You have to learn and observe, and the multiplayer progress is longer and therefore less monotonous.

The COD games are short, BBC 2 games can last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.. But those 30 minutes are not as intense as in COD, even so, once you have skill you will squeeze them to the fullest and it will give you the feeling that the games last only a little longer than those of COD.

There are no kill streaks or planes or helicopters that kill you without being manned on BBC 2, if a helicopter kills you it is because someone is piloting it and your mission will be to shoot it down before it destroys you again.

The weapons they are more successful in Battlefield but I also like the COD ones, it is a difficult choice. In this aspect both games are balanced. In Battlefield you can’t be grounded, something that will change in Battlefield 3.


She g, on BBC2 there is no lag, it almost never exists, thanks to the dedicated servers You don’t have this handicap that ruins the gaming experience, sometimes, in COD because we don’t have this type of servers, one of the players is the host and if it’s not ideal, it can fall at first.

Alone or accompanied?

In BBC 2 there is no rambo the one who is grazed by bullets and kills everyone, to win you have to rely on your Teammates and capture an objective among all. In COD you can play aloneIt doesn’t matter, alone or accompanied you can be the best of the round and make your side win the game. On BBC 2, no matter how good you are, it’s impossible to do anything if your teammates don’t help you. If you don’t like to complicate your life, COD may be your best solution.

The possibility of playing online split screen and the way zombie. If you have a brother who wants to play with you in Call of Duty, he will not have to wait, he will be able to play with you online in split screen. I hate playing split screen, but it’s very useful when you’re being… and so he plays and shuts up.xD

The zombie mode, personally I don’t like it, but it’s impressive, it’s a worthwhile mode. Where you and up to 3 other players go through 3 scenarios killing zombies, increasingly difficult, empowering weapons, etc.


It’s hard to think what exactly you want to have in this kind of games. HE SAYS bet on the destructiveness and chaos. Treyarch opted for those scenarios nice, but indestructible.

In the interiors there are hardly any differences and in the exteriors the superiority of COD is palpable a little, even so, imagine everything that processing the graphic engine of BC 2 has to do next to that of COD, in COD the scenarios seem like cardboard and a point at which it seems that there are no physics in the game. It’s just a matter of taste but in this section I highlight the work of Battlefield Bad Company 2.


I won’t go into technical aspects, but from my point of view Battlefield gives COD a good slap on the wrist, the sound of the weapons in COD sound like electric staplers and in BBC2 we enjoy greater realism.

At BBC 2 we enjoy echo indoors, distortion, ringing in the ears, we go deaf when they fire a rocket next to us (the sound is more modifiable and is taken care of to the maximum). In COD a grenade can produce a beep but there are stops.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 wins this section.

Today BBC 2 has a lot of downloadable content, sometimes necessary to enjoy it much more, BO is still waiting for its first DLC and it will surely be very good. It is not worth making a comparison in this regard.


I think that Bad Company 2 wins the battle in several aspects but COD has something that makes it special, in a way, each in its own way they are very good. Not to mention that all those people who throw everything at each other do so because they have not played both titles or simply because of the fact that BBC 2 needs more time to learn.

I prefer the 2, without a doubt, I currently play BBC 2 because I’m a bit tired of Black Ops and I’m bored passing one prestige after another. Without a doubt, I think things are tight. From my point of view, Battlefield 2 wins the screen technically, but Call of Duty is Call of Duty.

And now, the most important thing, which one do you prefer? If you have any questions ask!


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