Comparison: Call of Duty: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4

At this point in the movie there is no point in doing this comparison but I know a lot of people are looking for a way to equate both titles fairly.

People looking for this comparison are typically people who have not tried both franchises why those who have tried one or the other will be clear about which of the two they are going to opt for.

Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, both titles will arrive in Autumn (BF 4 will do it first) and will fight for the title of best shooter of the year. Which is the best? To make a fair comparison we have to compare the campaign, the multiplayer, the technical section and its virtues.

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We can’t forget that both deliveries have a campaign In which if you invest hours and that many people let go unnoticed. If we compare the previous COD has been faithful to its saga and instead, BF3 has opted for a campaign in which they have hardly spent time.

  • Ghosts It will be set in the near future in which the US is at odds with Venezuela. The result is a destroyed country. A military group will have to finish off the leaders of the threat and for this they will have Riley, a German shepherd who has earned a part in the team. Not that it’s too original.
  • Battlefield 4 not much has been delivered either. They will go to China to stop a coup that the Russians intend to deliver.

Stories are a «possible» and not a story really. Both companies prefer to focus on multiplayer but do not doubt that the campaigns will provide you with moments of excitement and spectacular things.


For many the most important part and the highlight of both. Now, are they different? Do you offer something new?

  • Ghosts will retain the COD style of play although it will change a couple of things that will make a mixed of MW3 and Black Ops 2. The system of selecting the Perks by points is something that seems to work. In addition to that, a new mode is added that will allow you to fight against squads. If there will be a split screen although I personally hate it. No zombies in this installment.
  • Battlefield 4 It will be very similar to BF 3 but there will be two new things: Levolution (a system that allows you to physically modify the maps while you play) and Commander mode (which allows you to control units and carry out attacks in a more strategic way). There will be no split screen. Multiplayer as always will be much more stable than COD because it will have dedicated servers.

Both will continue as always with a handful of news.


Both deliveries they will release new engines But there will only be a substantial improvement on consoles when it comes to Battlefield 4, as Frostbite 3 is very revolutionary. COD, on the other hand, will experience improvements but not at all endearing in the generation that we find ourselves.


For me COD and BF have nothing to do with FIFA and PES. In Fifa and Pes you play football (11 against 11 on a field of the same dimensions). Comparing COD and BF in this way doesn’t make sense. I think it’s a matter of taste. I personally like BF more but COD encourages me to play more, for longer.

  • In COD you will experience a kills kills Pure on small maps with frenetic action and adrenaline that hooks.
  • In BF you will have to be more strategist and more cautious if you want to go out alive, it’s like buying a futsal match with a normal soccer match (both are soccer but the style of play has nothing to do with it).

Personally I think both have a place and you will look for something different in each installment. Do not be just one, open your guts and enjoy both as you should.

BF 4 will be out in beta in 10 days and you can enjoy it for a month (enough time to savor it and give way to COD when it arrives in early November).


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