Comparison: What console to buy? PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii?

And the classic dilemma arrives, What console do I buy or gift? It is not an easy decision, because each one has its charm and even if some are more powerful than others that does not matter, because you have to focus on what really matters.

Does it help me to play how I want what I want?

There is no perfect console for all and we will not find everything we need in it (perhaps yes), but each one will feel identified with one of them and I do not think they need to buy them all (which would be ideal). I will not talk about favorites and I will try to be the most objective possible with every detail.

Playstation 3

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At first glance the star of Sony It is presented as the More powerful in terms of processing and graphics. Every hardcore gamer will feel identified with the console and will look for the latest games with scandalous graphics and impressive gameplay.

I don’t think you feel comfortable playing the PS3 on a simple screen, to be able to enjoy it to the fullest you need one good screen with HD. Buying the console we also acquire a reader of Blu-ray perfect for enjoying Full HD movies (movie lovers will see their dreams come true on this console).

Between titles exclusive of the console it should be noted God of war, Uncharted (soon we will have 3rd delivery), Resistance Y Metal Gear Solid.

In section on-line the PS3 stands out partly because of the wonderful world PSN, gratuitous and perfect to enjoy like crazy shooting, driving, etc. against players from all over the world. I enjoyed like a child playing ModNation Racers (racing game in which you have to do whatever it takes to get to the finish line first).

The DualShock 3 It is a good controller, for soccer or car games it is the best and although you may lose a bit of touch in shooters, you probably won’t notice much of the difference with the Xbox 360 controller.

Personally, I prefer the Dualshock 3 but I do not criticize the Xbox 360 controller at all. The system Sixaxis It is an extra experience but the truth is that I do not use it in any game.

And in the accessories section we find Playstation move, not at all comparable to the Wii remote, as its capacity is infinitely superior. The titles that accompany the device are still beginning to flourish and we will soon see titles of enormous quality.

The PS3 it is defined as power, Blu-Ray, good graphics and a good online gaming system with scandal titles. It is the most expensive of the three and you can get it for about 290 Euros.

Xbox 360

In Microsoft they also know what it’s like to play and their Xbox 360 still proves it quite well. Being much cheaper than the PS3, its graphics does not have much to envy, although it is not as powerful.

As in PS3 I recommend a good screen, at least with HD Ready to enjoy the quality it can offer you. It has recently been renewed and personified in the Slim model, thanks to this you can always get the previous model (heavier and a little louder) cheaper.

We do not enjoy Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and we do not even talk, the 360 ​​will help you play and, if you are a little handyman with the pc, you can sync it with Windows and stream movies through Windows Media Center (maybe a mess).

The Xbox 360 makes my hair stand on end when I think about its games exclusive, among them are Gears of war, Dead rising, fable (that I love) and Forza Motorsport.

In section on-line has a lot to improve, Xbox Live no is gratuitous and its payment system is complex.

The command is good, comfortable and compatible with Windows. I did not like his last remodel, since removing the colors of the four buttons did not suit me too much.

And the perfect complement, Kinect, I have already been able to test it and if Move has seemed accurate in movement, Kinect has not fallen short either. They are different systems and can coexist in peace. Both very funny.

The Xbox 360 It is not as powerful as the PS3 but speaking of graphics you will not be disappointed. Its playability is good and its command too, if we compare the price and this is a handicap for you, surely you will be happy with it, you can get it for a few 100 Euros less than the PS3.


And the queen of family fun is the classic of Nintendo, the Wii, that although in power and graphics lags behind it does not matter, it is the perfect console for those casual gamers, because its handling is intuitive Y easy.


To enjoy it we only need a little space, not as big as what is needed for Kinect or Move, and a television that does not have to be in HD.

The Wii itself lacks multimedia options, is a platform thought only for play and have fun.

In it we find great titles exclusive What Super mario galaxy, Mario Kart, Rayman Rabids, New Super Mario Bros Wii, etc. which are personally the only games I like to play on this console.

The multiplayer on-line is almost inexistent, then compare the multiplayer of Mario Kart or Pro Evolution Soccer with the pitched battles of Black Ops, Killzone, frantic races of Hot Pursuit, etc. it’s stupid.

The Wiimote, it is a simple command that lacks possibilities, quite imprecise in its movement. Playing a game like Call of Duty or Fifa seems almost impossible to me, one due to its precision and the other due to its ergonomics.

This from my point of view, because for many it is more than enough and for the exclusive games of the console it really is, more efficient than any other, but if we leave these I do not get very far with it.

As accessories we do not find any innovative, but we can buy the Wii Fit to exercise or Wii Motion Plus to improve somewhat the capabilities of the command (in the latest commands it is already integrated by default).

The price of the console is between the 2 above (about 200 euros).

The Wii It is not a spectacular console in terms of performance and in them you will not find the latest in video games. Is a funny platform to play simple and entertaining games with your friends (I recommend buying a couple of extra controllers).


There are several factors to highlight to choose one console or another but we are going to synthesize what we have seen:

Exclusive games

Each one has its own and it is difficult to opt for a peculiar one, the exclusive games of each console are really good.


If you are passionate about playing online the Wii we can say that sins in this aspect and between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 we find an important economic difference (Free Playstation Network vs. Xbox Live paid).


  • Kinect is to control the game with your body (for about 150 extra).
  • Move is to control the game with controls similar to those of Wii with very advanced precision (The price of a Move controller is 39 Euros, but if we add another it is another 39 Euros, if we add the navigation controller it is 29 Euros more, the PS Eye about 29 more and some command for our friends translates into the price of Kinect or more …)
  • Wii Fit or Wii Motion Plus They complete the capabilities of the Wii in specific games (for about 100 euros for the Wii Fit Plus and about 20 euros for the Wii Motion Plus).


In these times it is something that matters to many and we find ourselves with the Most expensive PS3 (some 280 Euros), the Wii (about 200 euros) and the Xbox 360 like the most economical (some 189 Euros). Although you can always resort to the second-hand market, preferably in stores that offer you guarantees so as not to get scared.

I know that it is a somewhat long comparison, but I tried to cover all aspects and surely some I have not. analyzedIf you can contribute something in this regard, do not hesitate to do so.

Las 3

What console do you have? Which one would you recommend to your friends?


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