Configure Motion Detection with the D-Link DCS-2670L Security Camera

The D-Link DCS-2670L device is a camera to be used in outdoor environmentsBecause thanks to the software it has, surveillance videos with motion detection can be taken, offering a high level of security.

It is a versatile camera, which connects to wireless Internet, or by network cable, and is compatible with midlink app. It is also small in size and weighs just three hundred and sixty grams. So it is no longer necessary to turn the WebCam on the PC into a surveillance camera.

Its IP configuration is very simple, compared to how a static IP address should be configured on a D-Link switch. Which makes it a great option, in terms of security cameras.

  • It has a resolution “Full HD 1920 x 1080p” at 30 FPS; that is to say, resolution used for high definition television and in contrast to images that present flicker. It also records with an angle of view of one hundred and eighty degrees, without any distortion and wide format.
  • Images can be viewed in the dark, thanks to the fact that it has infrared, at a maximum distance of ten meters. It has two megapixels, for black and white or color images, with a luminosity of 0.1 and 0.5 lux respectively.

d link dcs 2670l security camera

  • It has a digital zoom, records sound and has a Wide Dynamic Range or a wide dynamic range, to improve image quality and size; Also, it indicates the time and date of the recording.
  • Another feature is that the camera is hermetically protected against inclement weather, such as dust, rain or low power water jets, because it is IP65 certified.
  • It also has a slot, to insert a micro SD card with a capacity of one hundred and twenty-eight Gigabytes, to be able to make continuous recordings; as well as, store the images locally.

This camera comes with a complete firmware, but it is important to download the application on your iOS or Android mobile, to install and manage certain features of the camera and be able to view them from your Smartphone.

One of those functions is to view and access the security camera from the Internet remotely. Giving you, a greater monitoring convenience to user.

The first thing you must do to get the Mydlink application is to download it from the official stores either Android or iOS. If you already had Mydlink home installed, we recommend that you update it to the latest version which is Mydlink 2.0.

Steps to configure motion detection with the D-Link DCS-2670L security camera

We enter its firmware or base programming, entering the address Private IP provided by the router, in the URL; then the user is entered, which must be “admin” and then the password, which the mydlink application has given us.

In the “Settings” window appears at the top “Internet Connection Parameters” and below “IP Camera Motion Detection Parameters”, which is our subject matter.

Here they recommend that if the device is being configured for the first time, click on the button “Motion Detection Configuration Wizard” and follow all instructions.

motion detection settings in d link dcs 2670l

Now, if what you want is to manually configure or modify the motion detection, then you click on the button “Manual motion detection setup”.

Once you have entered “Motion Detection”, you must first activate the check boxes, and then draw the areas of movement; then in “Direct Video” and towards the left side is chosen the active area.

That is, the detection of the movement we want, for example “Select all” or select all. Also appear the buttons “Clear all” clear all and “Restore all” restore all.

Movement sensitivity must be adjusted towards the right side, this is indicated with a percentage that goes from zero to one hundred. In order to activate the parameters that we have established, we click on the “Save parameters” button.

We conclude that this chamber has all important and necessary features, to meet the expectations of surveillance and control. Which is why, you will avoid the work of using Skype to have a home video surveillance system.

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