Configure Nox Player to Improve PC Performance

Can I configure Nox Player to improve my PC performance? How can I speed up my PC performance with Nox Player? What do I need to eliminate lag from my PC while running Nox Player?

In case you don’t know what it is Nox Player, this is an emulator for PC. With it you can install and use android applications on your PC regardless of the Windows version you have.

Nox is one of the best emulators that currently exist, since it allows you to play Android or iOS games on your PC, use applications such as WhatsApp or download and install TikTok.

The Nox Player emulator is extremely easy to use and configure. Downloading this is as simple as downloading the memu emulator, one of its rivals. However, in some cases Nox Player can go slow or hang, but there are several solutions for this.

How Nox is used to improve PC performance

The Nox Player emulator is a PC program with which we can install and run Android applications regardless of the version of Windows you have installed on your computer. It is very popular as it allows you to run both Android and iOS applications on your computer smoothly and is also very easy to use.

configure nox player improve my pc performance

With this emulator we can improve the performance of our teamTo achieve this we must first open the Nox Player emulator and go to the settings tab. When we find the Android settings within the emulator, we must click on the ‘performance settings’ tab where we will be presented with a drop-down menu in which we select the high option, then we proceed to save changes.

Once the new configuration is confirmed, we can see that the performance of our PC while handling applications in the emulator has increased. It is very important that you have one of the latest versions of Android in the emulator, otherwise we will not be able to do this procedure

Fully configure Nox Player for best performance

One way to improve the performance of your PC to use the Nox Player emulator comfortably, is to accelerate it to the maximum. The first step is to open the Nox Player emulator and go to the “Settings” section. For this you must have the latest version of Android in the Nox emulator.

Once you are in the settings of the latest Android version in Nox player, you must select Performance settings. A menu of options will be displayed, among which you must click on Stop and then on Save settings.

It is important that you verify the Android version in which you are running the emulator. If you have an Android version of 5.1.1 or 7.1.12 you must enable Hyper-V option on your PC computer.

The Nox Player emulator To have a correct operation you need to have the Virtual Technology option, active in the Bio of your computer. Otherwise, Nox will run quite slow due to its high graphics.

To activate the Hyper-V option, you just need to restart your PC and press the Delete key while the restart is taking place. In this way you will enter the Bio of your computer, in which you must check the Virtual Technology box and give Save to finish and Exit to exit.

configure nox player on my pc as performance emulator

Configure the RAM

Another way to speed up Nox Player To improve the performance of the PC is by reconfiguring the RAM that is assigned to the emulator. This setting is in sync with the Virtual Technology feature.

To configure the RAM that is assigned to the Nox Player emulator, it is necessary to log in to it and go to the Settings section. Then you must click on Settings and select Advanced mode.

Once you are in Advanced mode, select the Custom option. This way you can configure the performance settings. It is advisable set the RAM to its highest settings.

In the CPU box You can enter the performance value you want to give the NOX emulator. You should do the same with the RAM veneer. To finish you just have to click on Save changes.

Keep the emulator up to date

In order to get the most out of Nox Player on our team, we must keep it updated with the latest version of Android or at least with one of the most recent, since this offers us a variety of options to improve the performance of our computer while we use apps from it.


In case your Nox emulator continues to lag or still hangs, as with other emulators, you can improve your performance through cache memory.

It is possible that Nox Player is presenting problems and works slow due to its Cache memory being overloaded, this can happen after using the emulator intensively.

To improve the performance of Nox Player and that it stops being slow, through the Cache memory it is necessary that enter it and go to the Settings section.

  Nox Player to improve your PC performance

In the drop-down menu you must select the Applications option and then in the All tab, click on media storage. To delete the cache, you just have to click on Clear Data and then on OK. In this way Nox player will start working quickly.

Fix the most popular emulator bugs

Although it is an excellent Android emulator, with good performance settings, in some cases it tends to present problems, in this article we explain how to solve them quickly and easily.

The emulator delay

One of the frequent problems of this emulator is the delay in the execution of the applications, most of the time this is due to its intensive use, all you have to do to fix it is clear the Nox Player cache.

You just have to go to settings, select Apps and locate the ALL tab to proceed to select Media Storage and finish by clicking on Clear Data where the action of clearing the cache will be carried out.

Check disk space

It is possible that the delay in the emulator is unrelated to its operation, if we have very little space on the hard disk it is normal for our applications to go slow, due to the saturation of content on our computer. To solve this you just have to get rid of idle programs you don’t need.

Antivirus software

Some users have conflicts between the antivirus and Nox Player, since it blocks the emulator at 99% of its execution. To solve this problem, what you should do is go to your antivirus settings, look for the protection tab and locate the Core Shields to disable itOnce the changes have been saved, you will be able to use Nox Player normally.

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