Connect the Nintendo Wii via HDMI

If you have played the Nintendo Wii You will know that it does not stand out precisely for its technical section. Unfortunately it is the only console that does not offer HD (HD) in your games.

The resolution that it offers in its videogames is the now classic PAL. But even so, there are many users, the technical characteristics such as those of PS3 are not everything, since the Wii is still sales leader and stands out for its playability.

Wii HD

More and more televisions are offer little or no component or composite video input (the one that offers the highest quality for Wii), but they do offer a multitude of HDMI inputs.

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I recommend the new one for this adapter offered by Neoya, which will help you connect your Wii via HDMI offering the 480p (maximum resolution of the console).

Wii HD 2

If you need to unlock your component video input, you can buy the accessory at Neoya for a few 33 euros.

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