Control VirtualBox with RemoteBox – Do It Remotely

Virtual Box is a truly useful tool, it allows us in many cases to test systems before installing them on our PC. In this way we can rule out possible errors, viruses or failures that the ISO image in question may contain. For this reason, it is necessary to know it well so as not to make mistakes when using it.

One of the ways we have to improve the use of VirtualBox is through its remote control tool RemoteBox. This will allow us to do the work much faster and more efficiently without having to always be on our PC. This is really useful for cases in which we cannot always be seated in front of the computer, but we cannot stop using them.

To achieve control using the VirtualBox correctly using RemoteBox You have to follow a series of steps, here we will tell you which ones, starting with:

What is VirtualBox? – Why use VirtualBox

In computing, a virtual machine is defined as software that manages to simulate computer systems, running programs just like a real computer, a perfect duplicate of a physical machine, but without the need to install up to 2 and 3 different operating systems on your PC.

All their processes are within the limitations proposed by themselves, being useful in various fields, these virtual computers provide us with facilities when executing programs that are still under development.

For example, one of its most domestic uses is to run operating systems to test said operating system or run a program without the need to install them directly on the physical computer that we are managing, that is, you can test a Linux operating system in a virtual machine that you control from your MAC.

virtualbox logo

With various types of machines, which are divided into process machines or system machines, this cybernetic invention seems not to have reached its full potential, it has areas for improvement.

An example of this is the great complexity that they add to the system at runtime, that is, you must bear in mind that the program will not reach the same speed what if we installed it on the host machineStill, the flexibility they provide us today makes up for that lack of efficiency.

Steps to download and install VirtualBox on my PC

After the previous VirtualBox configuration We can move on to the RemoteBox installation, this, like the configuration we made recently, is super easy.

  • For the RemoteBox installation we are going to place the GetDeb repository in advance:
    • wget
    • sudo dpkg -i getdeb-repository_0.1-1 ~ getdeb1_all.deb
    • wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –
  • Once we have done this, we will be prepared for the correct installation of RemoteBox, for this we proceed to update the repositories with the following line in our terminal:
  • With this we will start the installation:
    • sudo apt install remotebox
  • After these simple steps We will already have RemoteBox installed.

Always remember that RemoteBox will act as a ‘client’ of a ‘server’ that was the one we previously configured in VirtualBox, now you can have full control of your virtual machines from a remote device, on this remote device is where the RemoteBox should be installed.

How To Use VirtualBox On Windows – Guide To Do It

After having it installed on the device from which we want to manage our virtual machines, all we have to do is start the program.

After starting the program you have to look for the button that says “connect”, here it will ask us to enter our credentials (username and password), it will also ask us to enter the IP of our server and port 18083 to start the connection.

After completing this we will have everything ready for the use of our virtual machines, the experience will be very similar to have a VirtualBox client, but physically installed in our system, when the reality will be that all the computing will fall on the server in question.

windows virtualbox emulate android system

From the RemoteBox interface we can handle everything related to our virtual machines, edit, create and delete, plus other functions, all this from the simple and easy-to-understand interface of RemoteBox.

RemoteBox: What is it and how does it work?

RemoteBox is a program that serves as a utility or complement when using VirtualBox. What this tool does is that we can manipulate the installation and management of one or more virtual machines created in VirtualBox.

As it is intended to complement the program, it is very light and does not need great hardware to use or expert knowledge. Its operation is complex, but explaining it in simple terms, this is nothing more than a remote control. RemoteBox is based on Perl, which makes it a program that does not need a previous load. This means that we do not have to complicate our lives too much to use it.

Continuing with its operation, this add-on connects directly to the computer that we want to control. For this you have to enter an access code, additionally to facilitate its use and control, RemoteBox has a graphical interface, so you will not have to read or write code to do tasks.

Another advantage of RemoteBox is that it is designed to run on all types of devices. This makes it an excellent option to give a second life to an old terminal or one that can no longer run other applications.

Download RemoteBox to use it from my Android

If you want to download RemoteBox on android, you will have to do it through its APK. You can get it for free on the internet. As a first step you will have to open your browser and write the name of the app and the word ‘APK. When you do this you will have to start the search, as a result you will be shown a list of pages and you can choose the one of your choice.

Once you enter one, you will have to look for the download button and the APK will automatically begin to download and finally end up in your downloads folder. Once the notification appears, you will have to tap it and accept the terms. Then you will have to click next and install.
With this, you will already have the app installed and you can start using it without any problem.

Control VirtualBox with RemoteBox (Remote Display)

Keep in mind that, VirtualBox will act as a server and RemoteBox will act as a “client” from said server, for this we must:

  • Open a terminal and proceed to write:
    • sudo nano / etc / default / virtualbox
  • With the text editor still open, we write a few additional lines:
    • VBOXWEB_USER = user
    • VBOXWEB_PASSWD = password

It is extremely important that in this step we edit the username and password, this to prevent strangers from entering our virtual machines, these changes will provide us with more security. We can also change the IP of the Host to the one that best suits us according to our network.

configuration parameters virtualbox emulator

  • After configuring a password, username and a suitable IP, we will proceed to start our remote VirtualBox ‘server’, we place the command:
    • sudo /etc/init.d/vboxweb-service start
  • With this we have our server active, as well as VirtualBox ready to receive remote connections.

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