Convert a 2D logo to 3D Using After Effects | Design very easy [ Tutorial ]

As we know, technological innovations and the internet are unstoppable and significant throughout the world, in terms of online platforms and tools of any kind that enable greater comfort and efficiency at the time of making any edition, publications, and of course interactions between the users themselves.

In this case, we rely mainly on platforms that have advanced editing capacity, thus improving the quality of our projects at the time of being published, these types of tools aim to bring a totally clean and professional aesthetic to the employer, the developers have stuck with it clear effect of what is a high-quality goal.

Adobe After Effects What is it and how does it work?

This is a tool produced by Adobe, which focuses primarily on the creating moving images, logos, text animation, also cartoon animation and of course visual effects.

It was developed to improve and facilitate the editing of our projects, it is noteworthy to mention that After Effects is considered the best editor, being so It is the most used by producers in movies recognized for special effects.

after effects program

Among its main functions and one of the most important is that we can consider editing texts, giving them creative animations, to be published on our social networks or any other website, it is good to know that in order to know and get all the functionalities that After Effects contains, we must have a subscription in the tool, and thus be able to enjoy what this application offers us.

At first it may be difficult or complicated to learn how to use such a program, but over time we can study in depth all its features and the mixed creative functions that it provides, we can give you custom animation to videos, images, in a fun and immediate way, that is why this tool is one of the best in its field.

What can I do with After Effects?

We can create composition of specific animations, images, texts and videos, this is used moving each of the layers to be able to transform them within work.

At the same time, After Effects provides us with many types of visual effects, allowing us to create our own short films, bring our favorite characters to life, and so much more, so if you’ve never used After Effects, this is your chance.

xxxx So you can animate any drawing or image to create designs regardless of the reason. This is why it is a very used for the design of animated videos.

Basically After Effects is used for create animations in a unique and original way with simple tools that do not require much effort to learn to use. So you can animate any drawing or image to be able to create designs regardless of the reason. For this reason it is a widely used application for the design of animated videos.

How to make a logo in Adobe After Effects?

First we are to Adobe After Effects, we elaborate the innovative composition using the Ctrl + N keys.

Then name that composition where you will elaborate the logo.

Then we choose the logo tool and when making it, click again on Ctrl + N to create a second composition in the editor and that’s it.

Learn how to create a logo 2D to 3D tutorial

It is very simple, the first thing we must do is, we enter the main menu of After Efeccts, we select our logo that we have already done previously in 2D, but so that works in 3D we must place it in ” curves ”‘for them we go to the option at the top of the screen’ ‘type’ ‘and select’ ‘create outines”, then we click on ” save curves’ ‘.

Next, we go to the option ” after ” and we create a new composition, we put the name we want and the time, and of course ” HD ”, there we go creating layers, with the parts of the logo, this is for the things that we want to be independent, we select it and we are going to ” create solids ” and so on with the other parts.

animation in after effects

Once the layers are separated, we are going to import our file, and then we select the first layer and press “ctrl + c” and copy and paste it in our solid layer, we do the same procedure with all the elements of the logo, which we have previously separated.

Afterwards, we create a new “solid” that will already be our 3D logo, we search in the effect options ” video element ” and we add it, select the ” layers ” and add them to each of the pieces.

Subsequently, we press the layer and we give it “scene setup”, and a part of the logo will appear, we almost have our 3D logo, we can change the colors to our liking, with the ” bevels ” option.

We click ” ok ” and we can visualize our 3D logo already ready, we choose the part of the rotation to our liking, and to finish we save it and our project is finished.

Create an animated 3D image with After Effects

To create a 3D animated image With the help of After Effect, you must first place the word “Exposure” in the “Prescts” browser. Followed by this, slide that result into the logo of the composition table and in the “Project sketch” section a menu will appear which you can enter into custom settings. Then, go to the layer control, choose the logo and with the keys “Ctrl + D” you should increase the layer 19 times. Once this step is ready, go to the menu and in “Layer” click on “Nec”, selecting the word “Camera” press the configuration you want.

In the signs at the bottom of the menu you can select the option “Camera”, you just have to hold down the orbit, once you have it, drag it over the logo in the sight (which you want to have movements) to achieve animate your image .affter effects computer blue

How to animate your logo from 2D to 3D?

To animate your 2D logo to a 3D style, start by entering the Affter Effect menu, then press the 2D logo and place it in the “Curve” option to make it work in 3D.

To continue, go to “Type” and select the option “Create outins”, the next thing is to click on “Save curves”, from there, we enter the menu and we select “Layer”, click on “New”, select “Camera” and put the figure of our liking.

To give the animation to the logo, use the menu and in “Camere” you are going to press the orbit at the same time as the layer on the logo and that’s it!

Meet Adobe After Efectts CC to animate characters

This program has been a great help to create motion effects from a small image to a very large one, that is, 2D and 3D projections, therefore it is capable of animating characters.

To start the animation of these characters you must follow the following steps:

  1. It starts by breaking down each part of the body that you want to animate, use the illustrator and cut each one to the desired size of the character, it should be noted that each part must be collected in individual layers.
  2. Transport the layers in After Efectts and arrange them correctly.
  3. Choose the tool called “Anchor Point” and take it to Affter Efectts taking the central part of the extremities up to the top of the legs, so it will be used as the joint giving movements.
  4. Now, repeat it with each layer, rotate the legs separately and in each of the layers by clicking on “R” you can indicate the rotation, then press the stopwatch and form a frame, rotate each leg until reaching the natural walking position.
  5. For him movement of the face and highlight the expressions of the same, you must enter the code in each part found in “Valve”.
  6. Finally, with these steps your characters will be aligned.

after effects animation

After Effects or Adobe Premier Which is better?

Between Aftter Effects and Adobe Premier you we recommend the first, since it contains all the effects that we look for for the best and effective production of an animation.

To make videos, then edit them and expand effects; you should always use After Effects, as it is simply a combination of both.

Each of these apps has many similar features, but After Effects outperforms Adobe Premier in operability. In Adobe Premier it is not possible to create image animations, while in After Effects it does use the necessary plug-ins, one of these plug-ins is “Riggin”, which is great for articulating the drawing with “Photoshop” and the “Parallax” for the aid to the movement of the image that it provides. Definitely, thanks to After Effect you will be able to animate impressive videos.

How to use the Blender program for 3D modeling?

To use it we will proceed to download it, we choose the version that suits our operating system, be it “Windows”, “Mac or Linux” from the Blender website.

To begin with select the image to be modeled in 3D, the origin, scale, materials are adjusted and then the model is exported to “Unity”. In addition, all this is configured until the result to be used is achieved. The next thing is to add the reference image in Blender, we press the “1” of the numeric keyboard to place the front view and we press “Shift”, we load the reference image, for this, it is important to place the view in frontal mode because otherwise the image may appear oriented in a strange direction.

To continue, we go to the “Image” tab, we activate the tool “Alpha”, you will have to lower the transfer a bit to see through the image. We press the letter “G” to move it in space and then we press the “Z” to restrict the axis of movement in the vertical direction.

That said, one of the two sides of the piece must be taken as a reference, to create the model we press “Shift” and add a cylinder, in this tab you must choose the number of vertices according to the precision that is needed. To do this, we press the letter “Z” and the “Wifen Mode” is activated, which is used to see through the model. It is climbed with the letter “S” and we enter the “Edit Mode”, we select the vertices with “Alt” and by clicking on the “Edge” we visualize all the connected vertices of the image, we go to the “Item” tab, the global coordinates are activated and the position’s “Z” component is activated. Then, “0” is written so that all vertices have zero height. Also, select the vertices above and press the “G” key, the direction in “Z” is restricted and they are scaled.

In fact, with the letter “E” an obstruction is created by accommodating the vertices. Then create more obstructions and find the main shape of the model. You begin to add details with the “R” control and create what are called gelux, which are new subdivisions in the geometry.

laptop after effects logo

Also, you can press the letter “E” to find more precision in the geometry of the image, the “loops” are added where new details are needed, the loop is selected and we press the letter “G”, with it, the loop can move in space, but if the letter “G” is touched again that loop will move according to geometry.

We begin to work with the internal part of the image and go to “Edit” mode, right click on the model and place “Shift Mut” to smooth the faces and create the interior of the image, We press the letter “E” to create a new obstruction, but right click so that that obstruction remains in the same place, the letter “S” is pressed and then the size is decreased depending on the thickness we want it to have.

We go to the front view and set the “Wifen” mode to create a new obstruction in the image and make the measurements coincide. All parameters such as origin, materials and size are adjusted in “Blender”, this is done in “Edition” mode. Finally, the measurements are specified and all the transformations are applied to the scales with “Ctrl + A”, the 3D model is taken to the Excel folder, then, it is placed on the scene, you right-click to extract from the prefab, you choose a folder and save the document with the name you like.

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