Convert from PDF to DWG

This morning, in the gigs they gave me some plans to insert in others, but… what was the problem?

The file they sent me was in the format Pdf and needed convert them to Auto-CAD (DWG). I asked my friend Google and found two very good options:


  • Aide PDF to DXF Converter: A very good software that converts from PDF to DXF, a fully Auto-CAD compatible format that you can save to DWG. Aide PDF to DXF worked seamlessly, quickly and easily. The pity is that it is from PAY, but in a company, if you need it it’s worth it.
  • PDF to Autocad Free Online: A Web Application that allows you to do the same easily.

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Which one do I prefer? With the first without a doubt. If you need it, this is your option. You can download a trial version which will allow you to convert a few files.


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