Copy and move files faster in Windows

All Windows users often use the functions of copy, move and paste files. A routine action that is done almost instantly when we talk about small files.

Today I bring you a speed bonus for those people who need speed in these actions. ExtremeCopy modifies the performance in a 80% faster to move and copy files between different devices and folders.

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You install the program and that’s it! You will already have ExtremeCopy active on your system. In addition to the performance bonus, you will also see how you can pause and resume processes of copy at our will. And the best feature, when a error, asks us what to do and indicates the file that has failed (something that does not usually happen in Windows).

The visual appearance leaves a bit to be desired and if you want to use only ExtremeCopy for copying some files, you just have to go to the Start Menu and deselect the option which activates it as the default tool for copying.

DOWNLOAD EXTREME COPY (Compatible with all versions of Windows 32 and 64 Bit)


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