Create texts, logos or buttons for your website with an attractive and professional design

Develop logo or a custom text with a name or that of our website is sometimes essential. The most professional option is easy, you get familiar with Photoshop for a couple of days and you will get some fantastic text, but this is all just a messy process.


For those who do not like to complicate life, you can generate these charts online completely free of charge and without complicating life. CoolText will allow you generate thousands of different texts, logos and even buttons for our website.

Cool Text tea it will allow to elaborate texts or logos in an easy way and with a professional result.

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The writing texts It consists of a series of fairly simple steps to follow:

  1. Choose the style that we want. Just look at the animations, everything else is modified later.
  2. After selecting the style, you will ask us the text that we want to introduce, the fountain, the size and the color.
  3. Then we will change the text gradient if we wish, the bottom, the shade
  4. Finally we will have to select the way we want save the file, if you are going to integrate it directly, it is your website, I recommend PNG, since it preserves the transparencies.
  5. If you like Cool text fonts you can import them directly into Photoshop, there are more than 1200 available.
Tube to create a test button

I’m already thinking of changing my head, and you?What are you thinking about?


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