Creating Forms in WordPress with Gravity Forms – Explained

The WordPress tool, It is used to make any document that we need, but as some think that this is limited to only creating blogs, they ask the question of How to create forms in WordPress with Gravity Forms? The answer to this is that if you can create a form very easily with this program.

To do this, you will only have to follow a series of simple steps and know how to obtain the Gravity Forms tool. Below we provide you with all information about this program.

What is Gravity Forms and what is it for?

Firstly WordPress is a program that allows you create any type of important document, either for a personal activity or for a company. You can install this very easily and use it from your PC.

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create wordpress forms with gravity forms

What’s more It is useful for creating blogs, online stores, support forums, until developing all types of web page. Essentially, it is necessary to create all kinds of trade that allow your company to progress.

For its part, Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin, which is considered one of the best that this software offers. This is used to create or manage any type of form, by means of simple functions and has several advantages, among them that it offers a very powerful and friendly interface for editing, antispam protection.

To install it you will have to have an account on the ‘Gravity Forms’ page then buy a license to download it. When you have it you must open the WordPress program and look for the plugins option, where you will have to do the manual installation, Press ‘Upload plugin’ and select the file and click ‘Install now’.

How can we get Gravity Forms to create forms

When we talk about Gravity Forms, we refer to the popular Plug-in used to create forms on pages managed by Wordpress, with this software you can use any type of information that has been sent to you and publish it directly on your Wordpress website. If you are wondering, How can we obtain Gravity Forms?, Do not worry because it is very simple, in this article we explain it step by step.

The first thing you should do is go to the official Gravity Forms page, at the beginning you will see a bar where they offer you to start working with Gravity Forms. By clicking on it, it will redirect us to a page where we can see the payment methods, since Indeed, in order to install this add-on, we have to pay a small sum. Once the payment method has been selected and the transaction finished, you can run this plug-in on your Wordpress page.

The first thing you will notice when installing this add-on is that in the main Wordpress administration menu the forms option will appear, which by clicking on it will display a series of additional options. We just have to locate the new form tab and when we click on it, it will ask us for a name or title to identify it.

Once we write the name of our form, it will ask us to specify what type we want, we can select from the standard that is the one where text is entered, usually names and surnames, address, email and other personal data. There is also the products and prices form. One time let’s select the option of our preference we can edit the fields and finally save changes.

steps to create forms in WordPress with Gravity Forms

What is the use of creating a step-by-step form?

In general, the forms are used to collect information of interest, either to carry out records, surveys and even to list data such as products or prices. When we divide a form by steps, we are reducing the clutter of information fields making it more aesthetic and less heavy to fill for the user.

Usually when people see an exaggerated number of fields to fill, this generates laziness or predispositionBy arranging the form in parts, the user will not be able to see everything to fill out from the beginning. As he progresses, he will put aside laziness, since he will not want to lose the work already done.

You must take into account that the form must have an enumeration of pages or a progress bar, since if the user does not have a notion of how long it is, there is the probability of never filling out the form.

What types of fields can we use when creating a form?

When we create our form in Gravity Forms, we have at our disposal various fields that we can include and make our collection of more detailed information. Among the fields that we can fill are:

Text line

This is the most common field, it consists of an empty line along the form where you can write your personal data, whether it be name, surname, address, etc.


This field consists of a section with more lines of text, in the form of a box. This exists with the din that the user can write a longer text than in the normal text line, this data could be a description about the person, suggestions or comments.

Dropdown menu

This field, in the case of online forms, creates a drop-down menu where you can select one or more options depending on the question. It is usually seen when, for example, the survey asks you what country you are from and shows you a list of countries to select.

wordpess with gravity forms to create forms


We usually see this option when we confirm an action, such as when we are presented with a list of terms and conditions accompanied by a blank box where we confirm that we accept these terms.

How can I add a field to my form in WordPress

To start, it is good that you know the classic way of using the editor in WordPress. Now go to the form section, select the button that says ‘Add new’, you will see that a window appears where you will have to write the title you want to give it, we press ‘Create form’, doing so will direct you to a page; here we will see that on the right side it says standard fields and drag the one that says ‘Page’ to the center.

You will notice that three options appear, which are: Start, break and end of page. If you want to make 3 pages, you can place boxes for the three options and so on; To create the first one, we position ourselves at the beginning of pagination.

In the options on the right we press ‘Text line’ and drag it to the first box, this process can be repeated several times to place the boxes that you want to be on the first page and you will have to do the same with the second and third.

By having the ‘text line’ boxes, press them to open some options. In general, the ‘Field Label’ will appear in which we will place the name that we want the box to have, for example: The name of the user. In ‘Description’ we can put a little information.

In ‘Appearance’ we search where it says ‘Custom CSS class’ in this you will copy the alignment you want your table to have, some are: gf_left_half (to place it on the left), gf_right_half (for a column layout placed on the right). You will have to write what you think best.

  create forms in WordPress with Gravity Forms

Too you can select and drag ‘Paragraph’, so that something broader can be written in the form. We go to the beginning of the pagination, where options appear and we display the menu, in this we can place the option of steps. To do this process in a simple way, it is good that you optimize or accelerate WordPress, so that it works faster.

How is a form field configured?

Configuring a field in Gravity Forms is usually quite simple, we just have to place ourselves on top of the field and a series of icons will be shown in the upper right part of the screen, among which we can select delete field, copy and display the menu with additional options.

In these Additional options we can change the text of the field label, change the description of the field, and we can also mark the field we want as mandatory, that is, mark it so that it needs to be filled if you want to advance in the form.

In addition to the options already mentioned in this section, you can change the font that the field has, its size and you will find other aesthetic options. Once you are satisfied with the new configuration in the fields of your form, what you will have to do is save changes and voila, you will be able to see the new aspect of it on your Wordpress page.

How to see the final result of the form you created with Gravity Forms?

To end, we press the box that says ‘Update form’ and to be able to see it on a page, we click on the upper part that says ‘New’ and page, in the new window that opens, we will place the name you chose. In the template we will select the option ‘Full width’.

Equally press ‘Add form’, here you select ‘Form by step’, click on ‘Insert’ and publish. You will see that a link will be generated, we click on it and you will see how it directs us to the form that we have just created.

It should be noted that you can develop the form to your likingFor that, clearly read the options offered by this program, to make it original and eye-catching.

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