Creating online surveys with Microsoft Forms is that easy

Do you need to know the opinion of your clients, make a quick evaluation of your students or make an invitation to an event? Microsoft has a tool that can help you, Microsoft Forms, and today we are going to teach you how to create online surveys using Microsoft Forms from your mobile.

Microsoft Forms is integrated into the Office application

You cannot download Microsoft Forms separately, you must download Microsoft Office, a free app. Once you download and open it, you must activate it through an account managed by Microsoft (Live, Hotmail, Outlook).

Box 1 how to create online surveys using Microsoft Forms from mobile

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  • Open the main Office screen, where you will see an icon in the lower right corner called «Actions».
  • There you will see the option «Create a form», with which we will do the survey.

Download | microsoft-office

How to create a survey in Google Forms

Box 2 how to create online surveys using Microsoft Forms from mobile

Once in the form, click where it says «Untitled Form» and a window is displayed where you have to put the title and another to make a short description of the survey. You are going to give the symbol «√» in the upper right corner for it to record the changes. Press the green button below to add the questions.

What types of questions does Microsoft Forms have?

Box 3 Microsoft Forms

As you can see there is four types of questions:

  • Option: where you put the question and the selections you want them to choose. If you want to add more selections you can press «+ Add option». If you want to add the “Others” option, you have the button to add it at once. You can choose if you want the question to be mandatory or to be able to answer multiple answers.
  • Text: you ask the question and you can select to make it mandatory or to make the text answer long.
  • Qualification: you ask the question and you can put from 2 to 7 levels and even select if the symbol is stars or numbers
  • Date: the question you are going to ask and the space for it to be answered. The date is in English format (mm/dd/yy) and cannot be changed.

Table 4 Microsoft Forms from mobile

You can only choose one type of question and once everything is filled in and selected, accept the question with the symbol «√». Each elaborated question will appear on the screen.

Final view, editing and dissemination of the forms / surveys

Table 5 Microsoft Forms from mobile

Once all the questions are ready you will see them on the main screen.

  • If you want to modify a question you can click on it and the editor appears.
  • If you want to delete a question, click on the three vertical buttons next to the question and you can choose the delete option.

What you cannot do is change the order of the questions, so it is good that you already have an idea of ​​how you are going to organize them.

Once everything is done, for you to publish your survey, you can give the button enclosed in the circle in the previous image. A window opens where you have the following options:

  • Copy link: where you get the survey link so you can send it wherever you want.
  • Email: where the main email of your mobile is opened so that you can send the survey to the recipients.

How you can see creating online surveys using Microsoft Forms from mobile is very simple and although it does not offer as many options as the Forms application on the web, it is an excellent means of creating materials with the questions that interest you at a certain moment when you are not in front of the PC. It’s fine whatever the reason: educational, work or a simple invitation to a party.


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