Curiosity: The smallest computer in the world and the largest

Throughout history we have seen numerous creations in the world of computing, as well as the creation 39 years ago processor 4004 made by Intel which consisted of a microprogrammable computer on a chip and it had 2,300 transistors.


Even the powerful processors manufactured today such as the CELL, which has seven processing cores and another one for managing the chip itself, it is integrated by Sony’s Playstation 3, and the i7 980 that is about to go on the market with six processing cores and a beastly speed emulating 12 threads of processing, making use of the technology turbo boost being able attain pos himself more than 4 Ghz in a core.

And the xeon, another jewel in the crown.

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But today’s post is not about the most powerful processors, but about the smallest computer in the world and the largest, the smallest computer in the world. measures only 2x2x2.2 inches and your name is Space cube.

Space Cube1

Integrates a processor 300 Mhz, equipped with 64MB SDRAM, there is also a USB connection, the Ethernet connection, Slot for flash memories, VGA output, a serial port and a mic input.

The graphics card integrated by this pc allows us to view the computer with a resolution 1280 × 1024 pixels and 65 thousand colors. Four years ago after its launch, its starting price was about $ 320. This if it is a pocket pc, I do not think you would have problems to take it, that if, surely a very large pocket would be needed for its peripherals.

On the other hand, I bring you one of the most powerful and largest PCs in the world, The roadrunner:

Roadrunner means roadrunner, the supercomputer has decided to carry this name due to its astonishing speed, jointly designed by IBM. Will reach peaks of 1.7 Processing peta Flops. With a sustained performance of 1pet Flop. Equipped with over 12,000 PowerXCell 8i processors, placed in parallel and almost 7000 AMD Opteron processors, linked by 92Km of optical fiber. It occupies an area of ​​1,100 square meters. He held the top spot on the processing list from June 2008 to November 2009 after being surpassed by Crav Jaguar.

Runs low Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It consumes 3 megawatts and its cost was 133 million dollars. He is currently located in New Mexico, where he is dedicated to protecting the security of the US nuclear weapons arsenal.


via | wikipedia


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