DiDi Doesn’t Detect My Exact Location – How Do I Fix It?

Current technological advances have undoubtedly become a great impact on world society, every day more and more applications are emerging for mobile phones, tablets and computers, and therefore there are various applications that help us to improve our day to day with its good use and functionality.

Have been emerging number of applications with respect to transport, providing us with greater comfort, security and confidence when moving to specific sites, many of them similar but each one different in a certain way in various aspects, and therefore so that users feel totally convinced of using these services.

By means of these applications we obtain a greater reliability and immediacy when traveling, since at the time of use they are one hundred percent effective, saving our time and also money, by providing excellent quality for users around the world.

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It is incredible how many things and possibilities we have when using our mobile, we can turn our day into total efficiency and of course safety, in the same way it does not allow us to interact with different people.

That is why in this article we are going to show you the steps to solve the error ‘DiDi does not detect or find my exact location’ from the cellphone.

map with your location

DiDi What is it and what is its goal?

DiDi is originally created in China and it is an application for mobile phones, computers or tablets, based on the transport area, it has grown over time providing its services in different countries of the world, so it generates a great advantage with its skills, millions users access said application daily, becoming one of the most used and requested.

Of course your main objective is provide transport and taxi services to different users, providing guaranteed safety and confidence on your trip, likewise this vehicle platform has become a great source of work for many unemployed people in any part, city or country.

In recent months due to the World Pandemic by COVID-19, DiDi has become a highly requested service, especially by health employees, that is why its developers have taken the initiative to provide a better service, giving these users a discount in great percentage, even getting to obtain free trips so that they can be transported daily.

What can I do if DiDi doesn’t detect my location?

This application is widely used by users worldwide, it is important to know that DiDi works properly with the internet and obviously the GPS, that is, our location at the time of using the service. Therefore, before ordering a vehicle, we must be sure that we have these things in order.

If the DiDi app does not show your exact location on screen, this can be due to various reasons, either due to an internal error in the application or because the internet connection is not very good, it can also be due to other factors.

However here we will show you what can you do in case DiDi doesn’t detect your location.

phone with didi application

Reboot the device

First try with reboot your device and again open the DiDi application to see if it already gives you the exact location. In this way, temporary and running files are erased; this can help fix the location problem.

Check your internet connection

Once you restart your device, and DiDi still doesn’t show your exact location, you should verify that the internet connection is good; To do this, try to load a page in Google and thus know how your connection is.

Verify that the WiFi connection is stable, since an intermittence in the data flow can cause the location error. It should be noted that if you activate your GPS it is much more accurate but consumes more battery and if you use WiFi or mobile networks it is less accurate but has lower consumption.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

Another solution in case the DiDi app follows without showing your location, is stop the application and wait a few minutes until the error is solved, if it does not then you must uninstall and download it again if it is an Android mobile you look for it in the Play Store and if it is an iPhone you can search it in the App Mac Store to be able to install the application you must have the iOS version 9.0.

Confirm permission to the location

Many times our DiDi application is well installed, our internet connection is excellent and our phone is in perfect condition, but if our application you don’t have android permissions necessary for proper operation, DiDi will not run properly.

This is because DiDi needs access to your GPS to personal information and even to our camera, to activate the permissions it is necessary to enter settings, Android administrator select DiDi and we activate all the permissions that will appear to us there.

send location didi

How can I detect if the problem is in my GPS or in the DiDi app?

If you tried all of the above, even to go back to install the application with the latest version and even so DiDi does not work correctly and this means that the problem is in the GPS.

GPS is a wireless communication system of your phone with the global position satellite which presents various communication failures for example when the atmosphere is covered with clouds, when you are on the ground floor of a building.

Before starting to solve the problem in the GPS that we will explain later, test with Open Google mapsIt is a curious little trick when you open Maps and leave it running in the background, the other applications that make use of GPS suddenly begin to work correctly.

How do I fix the error if it is on my GPS?

As we already know, GPS is a fundamental tool of mobile phones, without the majority of users we would not be able to use applications such as Google Maps, Didi among others.

If the location error is in the GPS to solve it first of all we are going to try these basic checks:

  1. First activate and deactivate the location service of your device to be it is very simple just go down the top menu of quick access just above where you read the notifications here you will see a button to activate and deactivate GPS you must tap it.
  2. If turning GPS on and off still doesn’t work, try put your phone in airplane mode This will deactivate all the wireless charges on your phone, including the location service. I spend a few minutes deactivate the airplane mode and check the operation of the GPS.

Once you’ve done these basic checks and the problem still persists then you should try with:

Turn off power saving

Many times when we are low on battery in our device we activate the energy saving mode. This function modifies the settings of the phone and in this case the GPS may be affected, since it is deactivated then you must search in the setting and look for the battery mode or energy saving mode and make sure it’s not activated. Usually this setting can be found in the top quick access menu next to the modifications.

In this way you can also connect the mobile to the charger which will automatically deactivate the energy saving mode.

mark location in didi

Recalibrate the GPS

In the event that your GPS shows you a wrong location and completely removed from reality, it is most likely that it will have to be recalibrated.

To do this you have to download the GPS status & Toolbox application and follow the following steps:

  1. We move el side menu of the application.
  2. We press on «manage the state of the GPS «.
  3. We give you the option restore to clear all data from the GPS cache.

In case the GPS continue with the problem after doing this, we should go back to the menu and instead of restore Choose to download, in order to obtain location data through the internet. This will allow our GPS to be faster for a few days.

With all your GPS it should work correctly as well as the DiDi application.

What are your advantages and disadvantages?

As we know each application contains positive and negative things at the same time, so it is good to know each one of them. DiDi offers the possibility of a job with a totally reasonable salary, thus generating multiple jobs, and with extra earnings according to their work.

Similarly, it should be noted that DiDi provides its traveling users with insurance when using the service, thus allowing us to record audios in the event of an unwanted situation, which makes it one of the most useful, beneficial and of course economical, it also allows us to share our travel address.

Likewise, in its disadvantages we have that in Spanish-speaking countries it has not yet become one of the main ones when using this type of services, due to the existing competition.

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